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Now Rituparna with Nirva


Now Rituparna with Nirva

Entertainment desk: The film ‘Sparsh’ will be produced as a co-production. Nirab Hossain was finalized as the hero of this film. A Nandit actress from Kolkata will be the heroine of the film. That’s what was said in the news.

But Ananya Mamun, the creator of the Bangladeshi part, surprised the heroine in this regard. But it was no longer a secret. Popular Kolkata actress Rituparna Sengupta is known to be sharing the screen with Nirab. The film will be directed and produced by Ananya Mamun from Bangladesh The Calcutta portion will be produced by Abhinandan Dutta.

On Wednesday morning, Nirav confirmed the affair and told Kal Kantha, “There are basically two heroines in this movie.” There is a Rituparna and another Bangladeshi heroine. I will not pronounce this name for strategic reasons. ‘

The actor has acted in silent Bollywood films but for the first time he is going to work in a co-production film.

He said, “After a long time, a joint production film is going to be made in the country. Glad to join the movie. I hope this new experience will bring me success. ‘

Rituparna spoke to Kolkata media about the film. He is very excited by this photo. Speaking to Anandabazar, Rituparna said, “After several days, India-Bangladesh joint production film is happening again. A very interesting picture. The story is quite different. It feels good to be part of such a film. ‘

Regarding the film’s story, Rituparna says, “The story is very interesting. Apart from that, it is a co-production. So I don’t want to say everything now. A story of strained human relations. Ultimately, who clings to the relationship or who throws it away is the crux of the film. I don’t want to say more now. ‘

It is known that many popular faces of two Bengals will be present in the movie ‘Sparsh’. If all goes well, work will begin by the end of this month.

Earlier, Nirav acted in the Bollywood movie “Shaytan”. And after coming to this country, Rituparna became very popular by acting in Swami Ken Asami along with Shabana and Jasim. After that, he acted in many Bangladeshi films and co-productions.

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