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Now there’s social media buzz about Shakib Khan-Pooja Cherry


Now there’s social media buzz about Shakib Khan-Pooja Cherry

The marriage and children of film actress Dhakai Shabnam Bubli and film actor Shakib Khan have caused quite a stir. Although the marriage issue is unclear, Shakib and Bubli have said that her little prince’s name is Shehzad Khan Bir.

When the movie industry buzzes with the Bubli incident, all eyes are on Pooja Cheri, the actress of this generation.

We hear in various circles that the heroine of this generation of Dhallywood, Pooja Cheri, is in a relationship with Shakib Khan! However, the authenticity of the rumor could not be confirmed.

Last year, Pooja first teamed up with Shakib Khan in the government-funded film ‘Galui’. While filming this movie, Shakib-Pooja became close. After that, rumors of their love spread.

According to a source, Shakib tried hard to get Pooja for his film while he was in the United States, people close to him said. Not only that, Shakib asked some producers to cast Pooja opposite him in the film.

On August 17, Shakib returned from the United States after confirming his green card. A few days later, he signed an agreement with the Ministry of Information on the grant film ‘Maya’.

Rumors have been heard in various media that there have been issues between Shakib and Bubli for quite some time now based on Pooja Cheri. Not only that, Bubli was also involved in a feud with Pooja at Shakib. After this incident, Shakib-Bubli’s relationship deteriorated further.

Meanwhile, a screenshot taken from Wikipedia is making the rounds on social media. It shows that Pooja got married to popular actor Shakib Khan in Dhaka in 2022. Couldn’t find this information on Wikipedia though.

Pooja Cheri was last seen on September 26, when the movie’s song “Hridita” was released. The actress’ last Facebook post was on September 25 at 6:59 p.m. Since then, Pooja is no longer available on social media. In the silence of the puja, various questions are heard at Filmpara.

Shakib Khan introduced his second child on his verified Facebook page on Friday afternoon. He also revealed the identity of his second wife. Minutes before that, Bubli announced her marriage to Shakib with a similar status on her verified Facebook page. Since then, Shakib’s marriage has been discussed.

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