‘Nritya Jaya’ in cultural festivals, plans for a new dimension


‘Nritya Jaya’ in cultural festivals, plans for a new dimension

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy delights in popular music and various types of dance in this year’s “Cultural Festival”. This event takes place in the Auditorium of the National Center of Music and Dance of the main cultural institution of this country. This dance which continued for 11 consecutive days captured the hearts of culture lovers.

Amid the festive atmosphere, plans to add a new dimension to the dance industry were announced. The organization also reflects on the question of reviving and improving the quality of dance artists.

According to the organizers, the Shilpakala Academy is moving forward with a new plan to revive and improve the quality of dance artists who have suffered from the adverse effects of the Corona epidemic. In this context, there has been a change in the representation of dance in this year’s cultural festival. Artists young and old presented creative dances under different titles. Due to the huge response, it was decided to extend the festival for two days. This arrangement made professionally talented performers more skilled and experienced.

Regarding the new plan, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Managing Director Liaquat Ali Lucky said that in addition to Dhaka, an online workshop will be held in different districts every month. As a result, a new style will be created in accordance with the traditional dance of the world while maintaining the native harmony. We hope this will play a positive role in improving the quality of the dance floor.

It is known that under the new plan, in the district, including Dhaka, dance, dance and group and solo dance performance in the district. Apart from this, various arrangements are made to improve the quality of performers at Shilpakala Academy. The dancers also dream of a bright future with such an initiative.

Artists participating in the festival say that this year’s festival was very different from other cultural festivals. The artists who participated left the signature of talents in their respective fields. The artists were also able to make a nice gift because the attendance of the public gallery is higher than that of the previous festivals.

Dancer and dance director Salma Munni told the Bengali Tribune, I am very happy that 20 artists are performing a single dance together on the same stage during this event. Every day, dances are performed here, from young people to old people. It’s like a happy atmosphere in this concrete city. What I liked the most was decorating the courtyard of the music and dance building with pictures of all the performing artists. Seeing this, the performers are more encouraged to dance well. Thank you Shilpakala Academy for such a beautiful arrangement.

Another dancer, Jannatul Sura Tia, said everyone is working very hard to get so many artists together on time. Thank you Shilpakala Academy for such a great event and giving me the opportunity to participate. I hope this trend will continue in the future.

The cultural festival takes place from September 7 to 16 every day from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Considering various aspects, the duration of the festival has been extended from 10 days to two more days until September 19. Accordingly, this festive atmosphere will end on Monday (September 19) with “Bengal Gawri Dance”.

'Nritya Jaya' in cultural festivals, plans for a new dimension

At this year’s festival, different dance genres are performed by young and old artists. Everyday, culture lovers gather at Shilpakala Academy to enjoy the enchanting scene. Today, traditional dances of various small ethnic groups in the country are performed. As a result, the audience gallery was packed that day compared to other days.

Shilpakala Academy organized this cultural festival for 12 days. It is held under the direction of the production department of the academy. Sohaila Afsana Iko, director of the Academy’s production department, oversaw the festival. The Director General of the Academy, Liaquat Ali Lucky, presided over the inauguration ceremony.

National, up-and-coming and children’s artists perform their best dances on opening day. Among them were Ananya Pragya, Apoorba Islam, Hiya Mehzabeen Prajapati, Tapur Saha, Warda Rihab, Amit Chowdhury, Anik Bose and others. The program was hosted by Dilruba Sathi.

Meanwhile, “Ek Kamala Sundari and…” in the Nananpur Mela was staged at the main theater hall of the Shilpakala Academy National Theater on Sunday. It is produced by Theater 52. The play ‘Nikhai’ was staged at the Experimental Theater of the National Theater. The theater (Arambagh) produced it.

The crowd of spectators to see the two dramas was eye-catching. The organizers expressed their satisfaction after seeing these scenes.

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