Nupur Upadhyay is in a passionate romance with Pawan Singh

Nupur Upadhyay is in a passionate romance with Pawan Singh

Entertainment desk: Recently, a Bhojpuri song has gone viral in the net world. This song features a popular duo from the Bhojpuri film industry. Nupur Upadhyay and Pawan Singh were seen in the viral song. Both are one of the top two stars in the Bhojpuri industry.


Needless to say, their romance in the video is sizzling. The video for the song was shared on the social media page by a popular Bhojpuri YouTube channel which currently has millions of views.

Nupur Upadhyay is one of the most popular and beautiful actresses in the Bhojpuri film industry. He is very popular among the audience there. Recently, a video of her romantic song with Pawan Singh has gone viral in the net world, thanks to which the actress is currently gaining popularity among fans.

She met Pawan Singh on screen with the Bhojpuri hit song “Lagelu Hunari Munari”. They are seen making love in the song scene of the film. Needless to say, audiences enjoyed their intimate on-screen scenes a lot. This video is for everyone.

Hit star duo Bhojpuri’s video of this popular song was shared on social media pages 3 years ago from popular Bhojpuri YouTube channel “Web Music”. Currently, the video for this song has reached almost three million people. Fans are also happy to see their favorite couple reunite again.

The notable song is taken from the popular Bhojpuri film “Wanted”. This song was sung by Pawan Singh and Nupur Upadhyay himself in the movie. The lyrics are given by Arvind Tiwari. Chota Baba Bashi gave the air.

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This song from the movie ‘Wanted’ has gone viral again among Bhojpuri audiences right now. And as soon as it went viral, Pawan Singh and Nupur Upadhyay were in the spotlight again.

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