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Nusrat Jahan took the internet world by storm wearing a crop top, an image that went viral

Nusrat Jahan took the internet world by storm wearing a crop top, an image that went viral

Entertainment desk: Recently, Nusrat Jahan shared a photo on Instagram in a casual outfit. Nusrat Jahan looked stunning in jeans and a crop top. He created fashion goals for us. How exactly? Nusrat Jahan recently shared a casual look on her Instagram. This actress explains how to flaunt the heat in a casual look. In fact, Nusrat Jahan is one of those actresses who are always in the news for one reason or another.

Recently, we also heard that Nusrat Jahan will be seen in the next season of Bigg Boss. But he’s not just in discussion for his outspoken personality.

On the contrary, her style and sense of fashion must also be appreciated. One of his dressings is so beautiful. Like when she shared a photo with jeans and a top, how gorgeous she looked even in that simple outfit! Because he was able to wear that outfit that way. So let’s see how he rocked the casual look!

Nusrat Jahan

Nusrat created fashion goals in a casual look. Because even in this very simple dress, he surprised us extraordinarily. His fans were impressed to see him. Nusrat wore a black and white horizontal striped T-shirt. This t-shirt had a short design.

But Nusrat’s toned midriff was showcased nicely in the crop top. Nusrat didn’t miss the chance to show off his toned abs. It looked very good in this horizontal stripe of white and black. Half sleeves and a round neckline have been added to the crop top.

Nusrat Jahan

Nusrat styled non-skinny jeans with this crop top. Now these types of jeans are in fashion. In other words, instead of skinny jeans, the fashion world has long leaned towards these non-skinny jeans. You can also pair this type of non-skinny jeans with a crop top. And it will make you beautiful. Non-skinny jeans fit great. Nusrat Jahan is wearing non-skinny indigo jeans.

Nusrat Jahan

He wears a pair of white sneakers with it. White sneakers go well with this kind of casual look. And now these types of sneakers are trending in the fashion world. Which looks great. You can also wear these types of sneakers if you want. Wear a crop top and jeans with it.

Nusrat Jahan

Nusrat didn’t use any special accessories with this look. He has a smart watch in one hand. On the other hand, simple bracelets are appearing. The black Eye sunglasses stand out. These sunglasses complete Nusrat’s casual look.

Nusrat Jahan

But it’s not the first time. Earlier, Nusrat Jahan was seen wearing a crop top and jeans. High waisted jeans and crop tops are great for hanging up. Nusrat’s belly is highlighted. And the actress didn’t miss an opportunity to show off her impeccably beautiful figure. The crop top has collar details. V-neck and half-sleeves. Wear skinny jeans with. Jeans in a special shade of blue contrast this crop top.

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Nusrat Jahan did not use such accessories with this look. But he pulled off this cool look with few accessories. The bracelet attracts attention. Her perfection is in the no-makeup look. Nusrat Jahan also used nude shades on her lips. The hair is open. The mangalsutra of his voice is different. And the actress has repeatedly sported such a casual look. Fashion goals achieved!

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