Nusrat shared a love photo with his life partner without moving his eyes from Yash’s direction


Nusrat shared a love photo with his life partner without moving his eyes from Yash’s direction

Bangladeshi office: There is no end to our headaches with her choice of clothes. The MP walking around in a bikini is a sight for many. So he must be a troll to get up. She is Nusrat Jahan. She is a top Tollywood actress, as well as an MP for the state’s ruling party. Nusrat, who is active on social media, is a favorite of trollers.

When he spends time with his life partner Yash Dasgupta, he goes out to wander here and there. And went there and shared some bikini pics. And the debate continues on this. However, Nusrat usually does not leave his hometown during Puja. He has been doing puja with Yash for two years. Nusrat did the same this year.

Although he is not a Hindu, Nusrat participated in Durga Puja each time. From playing Dhak to Anjali from Ashtami, he lives. This year, before the start of Puja, Nusrat shared some new bikini pics and wrote, “No more dieting.” After few days of Puja, he will perform Pet Puja.

Nusrat has been sharing photos and videos one after another since the start of Puja. Sometimes he was seen playing the cover. Sometimes the actress has fun with the taste of Fuchka. Recently, Nusrat shared some photos with Yash. Both are taken in traditional Punjabi saris. Nusrat is dressed in a purple sari, Kundan jewelry.

Yash wears punjabi and dark green dhoti. Actress staring at Ishaan’s father. Flowers and five lamps in the dish held in her hand. Yash Nusrat fired at Bawali Rajbari. Incidentally, Nusrat went to Rajasthan with Yash during Puja two years ago. At this time, however, they kept their relationship a secret. Nusrat then shared photos from the trip.

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