Ola apps and electric scooters will soon receive dedicated Ola cards

Ola apps and electric scooters will soon receive dedicated Ola cards

Trust card to drive a scooter on unfamiliar roads. These days, Google Maps is available on smartphones. There are also several apps. Now the company name Ola will be added to this list. We know that the authorities of Ola Electric will launch Ola Map. But this card can be used in Ola electric vehicles. Bhavish Agarwal, CEO of Ola Electric, tweeted it recently. Bhavish also shared a video clip in the tweet. The map interface is visible there. It is also understood that Ola Electric is developing a developer application program interface. With this help, other people will be able to use Ola Map. Currently, Ola electric scooters support Google Maps. However, Ola authorities will create their own map in a new way.

Tweeting, Bhavish Agarwal said that the Ola company is testing its own map. Ola Map will be added to the Ola app and various Ola vehicles within a few months. A developer application program interface is also under development. Thanks to this, other users can use India map in their app. Users will get several benefits if this Ola card is added to Ola electric scooter and Ola app. It will also be convenient to go to any unfamiliar place or unfamiliar road. Ola will also launch subscription-based service packages for user convenience. With the help of all these packages, the electric vehicle will be taken care of at the service center. This service should be launched next week. Bhavish Agarwal also tweeted in this context.

The authorities of Ola Electric have already published the plans for the new year. In a blog post, Ola Electric authorities said that they plan to launch several new electric vehicles in 2023. According to Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola plans to launch a consumer scooter, a consumer motorcycle and several high-end motorcycles . Other two-wheeled electric vehicles will be launched in 2023 and 2024. The list of premium motorcycles will include sports, cruiser, adventure and road bikes. In addition to two-wheelers, Ola Electric also plans to launch a four-wheel electric vehicle. Bhavish Agarwal already spoke about Ola’s electric car earlier this year. A teaser was also released. It is now learned that Ola’s first electric car will be launched in 2024. Apart from this, Ola Electric authorities plan to launch 6 different products in the market between 2024 and 2027. However, even though it is planned to launch many electric vehicles in the next two to three years, the company Ola Electric did not give any information on when the electric vehicle will be launched.

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