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Om Puri only took industry, gave nothing back, didn’t even compare Amitabh to a dog!

Om Puri only took industry, gave nothing back, didn’t even compare Amitabh to a dog!

Bangladeshi office : Amitabh Bacchan is one of the names in the Bollywood world. He captured the hearts of audiences in one film after another. He has been seen performing in various roles. Sometimes it’s a father and sometimes it’s a son. Once again, this Bollywood actor impressed audiences by playing two roles together in one movie. So far he has appeared in more than two hundred films.

Big B made his debut in the world of cinema in 1969. His first film was ‘Sat Hindustani’. Then he didn’t have to look back. He starred in one movie after another. But another actor from Bolipara, Om Puri, has repeatedly expressed his anger at the actor’s popularity.

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Om Puri made his big screen acting debut with the Marathi film “Ghashiram Kotwal”. Many people in Boli Para commented on him and said that he used to play with words while talking about the dialogues. Once Om Puri and Amitabh Bachchan started working in Bollywood world. But this actor claimed to have seen Amitabh become a star right before his eyes.

Both Amitabh and Om were contemporary actors. But even Om did not have the opportunity to work as Amitabh. This is what Om Puri has repeatedly affirmed. So his anger towards Amitabh was understandable. He expressed his anger against Amitabh in various interviews. uses sarcasm

Amitabh is handsome, his height is good. So Om Puri claims that due to his bad looks and short stature, he didn’t have a chance in movies. His complaint was that Amitabh took away this opportunity. But Om said he was no less than Amitabh in terms of acting.

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In an interview, Om said that before sitting anywhere, the dog cleans the place with its tail. There are also such parasites in the industry. Those who only take, indulge in giving. No one was left to figure out that his gesture was towards Amitabh.

But no matter how angry this actor is with Amitabh. But Big B saw him as a friend. Om Puri died on January 6, 2017 at the age of 66 following a heart attack. Mourning his death, Amitabh wrote on social media, “Om will live in us with his smile. He was my good friend and colleague. Om possessed many virtues.”

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