Omar Sunny cut the cake first thing on Moushumi’s birthday


Omar Sunny cut the cake first thing on Moushumi’s birthday

“Happy birthday Priyadarshini, may Allah subhanallahu taala keep you healthy and take care of your family.” So, on Thursday (November 3) in the early hours of her birthday, the famous actress Moushumi was desired by her husband, popular actor Omar Sunny.

Omar Sunny cut the cake in the early hours of Moushumi’s birthday with the family after noon on Wednesday. Later, he uploaded the photo and a video to his Facebook. He also wrote in the status, Happy Birthday Priyadarshini, May Allah subhanallaahu taala keep you healthy and take care of your family. I am also a loving person on your birthday, everyone will pray for him. Happy birthday

Moushumi’s full name is Arifa Parveen Moushumi. He was born on November 3, 1973 in Khulna. Father Najmuzzaman Moni and mother Shamima Akhtar Zaman. Moushumi got married to Omar Sunny on August 2, 1996. In their married life, they have two children named Fardeen Ehsan Swadhin (son) and Faina (daughter).

Moushumi started her acting and singing career at an early age. She then won the ‘Anand Bichitra Photo Beauty Contest’, based on which she appeared in various TV commercials in 1990. Mousumi’s film debut as an actress in Dhaka dates back to 1993 with the film ‘Kayamat Toni Kayamat ‘ directed by Sohanur Rahman Sohan.

This actress partnered with Salman Shah in this film. Salman Shah and Moushumi showed their talent in the first film. After that, there was no turning back. Both have made their way to Dhaliwood. Then, Moushumi shined the light of genius in Dhallywood for more than two decades. Starred in over two hundred films.

Nargis Akhter directed ‘Meghla Aakash’ and Chazhi Nazrul Islam directed ‘Devdas’ won the national film award. Moushumi, who started his career with Salman Shah, succeeded by teaming up with Omar Sunny, Riaz, Ferdous, Ilyas Kanchan and Deepjol.


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