On ‘Wife Appreciation Day’, Raj posted Pari’s ahladi video


On ‘Wife Appreciation Day’, Raj posted Pari’s ahladi video

Who doesn’t like to hear praise! And if it goes in favor of the woman, then there is no doubt. There is also a special day to appreciate wives. Today is Sunday (September 18) that day. Since 2006, “Women’s Appreciation Day” has been celebrated worldwide on the third Sunday of September each year.

Although he couldn’t give wind to the sails of Bangladesh for so long. The air that the heroine Parimani now spread.

The day is not known to many. Then Parimani recalled Swami Nayak Raj through the social handle. Shariful Raj understands his wife’s hint. After that, he took Pari with a message of love.

He said: ‘I have no words to express how I feel about you and how blessed I am to have you in my life. I just want to say, I love you with everything and I can’t imagine this life without you.

At the end, he wrote: ‘I’m going home soon…!’ It is understood that Raj is absent due to work. So he also sent a message to his beloved wife to go home.

Raj attached a video to his post. Where he was seen, Pari was talking to her husband in a happy posture. Can be heard in the video;

Pari: (pretending to cry) Why not love?

Raj: When?

Bet: That’s when

Raj: So now?

Bet: Now sit down (smiling).

Before the king’s greeting message to his wife, Parimani reminds the husband and the nation together of the day like this – “Today is a day, you understand!”

Incidentally, Parimani and Shariful Raj secretly got married on October 17 last year. Then he made the news public on January 10 of this year. On the same day, he announced the happy news of Pari’s pregnancy. Raj-Pari became the parent of a son on August 10. The child was named Shahim Muhammad Rajya.

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