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Once again Masud Pathik shoots a film with the poetry of Nirmalendu Guna


Once again Masud Pathik shoots a film with the poetry of Nirmalendu Guna

Poet and filmmaker Masud Pathik is once again directing a film based on the poem by famous Bengali poet Nirmalendu Guna.

Masud Pathik wrote on his verified Facebook on Wednesday (October 26) announcing the production of the film, tonight at the residence of poet Nirmalendu Guna Dada. ‘Nekabbar’s Mahaprayan’ – After that I will make a film again with the poetry of Nirmalendu Guna. Today we signed the agreement. Writers Ranjit Sarkar and Shanto Emon were present as witnesses. The name of the new movie will be officially announced.

Earlier, Masud Pathik produced a film based on the liberation war story named “Nekabbarer Mahaprayan” based on Nirmalendu Guna’s poem. In this film, the story of the deprivation of a simple, crippled freedom fighter in the village is depicted. A unique story of love and protest shakes the reality of memories of corrupt pre-war rural politics and fluctuating urban politics. Apart from this, the image of global spirit and love for nature is also specially shown in this movie.

Saim Rana directed the background music and sound editing for the film ‘Nekabbarer Mahaprayan’.

Prince Mahmood, Mushfique Leetu, Belal Khan, Asim Saha and others performed other songs from the movie “Nekabbar Mahaprayan”. Voiced by Mumtaz, Bari Siddiqui, Priyanka Gop and Belal Khan. Nirmalendu Guna, Masud Pathik, Asim Saha, Saim Rana etc. composed the songs.

The film starred Mamunur Rashid, Praveer Mitra, Shimla, Jewel, Badal Shahid, Nirmalendu Guna, Asim Saha, Rani Sarkar, Rehana Jolly, Tarek Mahmood, Sheikh Shahed, Syed Zubair, Farhana Suchi, Sohail Bayati and others.

The film first won the National Film Awards in 2014 in five categories. Later, “Brihannala” was accused of story plagiarism and “Nekabbarer Mahaprayan” was also awarded in the category of best film. The award categories are – Best Film, Best Lyricist, Best Music Director, Best Composer, Best Singer and Best Makeup Artist. Furthermore, Masood Pathik from Kolkata received a special award at the ‘Tele-Cine Award’.


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