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“One day suddenly you will hear that Madhumita has closed”

“One day suddenly you will hear that Madhumita has closed”

The owner has also had to navigate the path of staff shortages and layoffs through the coronavirus pandemic.

Iftekhar said: “We get an electricity bill of three to four lakh taka per month. Employees have to be paid. Many employees have left without being paid. We have also reduced some of them. Where previously 10 employees worked , it now has to be done with four or five people.

Many venue owners like him are forced to lay off employees, Iftekhar said.

Among them, several films have been released, that the public has not broken the drought – he said, “These are all experimental films. The general public does not see. Cineplexes work in the morning. If the audience increases, so the show is given in the afternoon.

“Cineplex can work. Their four five hundred places. We have 11-12 places. If the public does not come, how are these films made?

When asked about the atmosphere in the hall, he said, “A lot of people say there is no atmosphere in the hall. If the picture is not good, how can the atmosphere be good?”

Iftekhar thinks the day won’t change without the “Bhalo” films.

He said: “At one point, audiences were overflowing into those environments. Because there were good movies at the time. He was a good performer. Jasim became a hero from a villain. Audiences paid twice, thrice the money to see his movie. Zafar Iqbal, Ilyas Kanchan, Farooq, Razzak, Alamgir were there. How many other great artists there were.”

According to this film exponent, film hero Dhakai Shakib Khan is also disappointed with various activities.

“How many artists are there now? Who’s there without Bappi and Siam? Shakib Khan has been dragging the cinema for years. Not making movies now. He’s creating one controversy after another.

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