Open Gmail without Internet! Know these simple rules – PROTHOM KOLKATA


Open Gmail without Internet! Know these simple rules – PROTHOM KOLKATA

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Gmail: An important message has arrived. But you can’t check because of no internet. Now customers don’t have to worry. Subscribers can read his mail without internet. You can answer. Not only that, you can also search old messages. But how?

You can start this service even if you don’t have internet service on your mobile or computer. Gmail can be used offline from the Google Chrome browser. It will also be back to normal mode. All customers need to do to get Gmail service offline is to go to Gmail settings after installing Chrome on the device. Click the Offline tab and check the Enable offline messaging box. Only then will the new setting be found. Then Gmail will ask you how many days you want to sync the email. This time after finally clicking on the option, Gmail offline will be activated on the respective device.

According to Google, therefore, the Gmail service will be available in places with very poor internet access or slow or distant internet coverage. That is, this way you can send Gmail messages without the Internet and even reply to them.

That is, according to Google Support, you can read, reply to, and search Gmail messages without internet via Therefore, there is nothing to be disappointed about not being able to see or answer mail due to lack of internet service. A small change in the settings will make the task easier.

You can also uninstall Gmail offline if you want from your computer. For this, first open Google Chrome on the computer. Now open the settings by selecting the menu option on the right side. After that select Advance. Here you will find privacy and security options. Select this option to open content settings. You must now select cookies. Now click on the All Cookies and Site Data option and select Remove All. After that, uncheck Enable offline mail option in Gmail settings.

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