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Opi Karim on the big screen after a long break

Opi Karim on the big screen after a long break

Popular actress Opi Karim’s debut film “Bachelor”. He made his debut on the big screen in 2004 with this film directed by Mustafa Sarayar Farooqui. He was not found on the big screen after that. He returns to the big screen after 18 long years. He returns to the cinema by playing in the film ‘Mayar Janjal’. Jaseem Ahmed, the Bangladeshi producer of the film, prepared the release of the film in cinemas in India and Bangladesh during February, the month of the language.

As part of this, the film’s first look was released on Saturday. The Indian Indranil Roy Chowdhury directed “Mayar Janjal”, a co-production between Bangladesh and India based on the two short stories by Manik Banerjee. Api’s character in the movie is called Soma. Her poor family with her husband and only child. The husband is unemployed. For this reason, Soma took a job as a babysitter in a house to teach her child English. On returning to the big screen after 18 long years, Opi Karim said, “It’s true, I first got interested after hearing about director Indranil. I read the story later. That also attracted me.

The interesting thing about the story telling this story is that the story is very interesting. If you look at the story from above, it will look like a wave. As you read this scenario, you will feel that individually we connect. Third, my character. Soma is not a very big character. But there is a strange magic in there. Do the job at all. Maybe I was expecting something like this.
Ritvik Chakraborty, one of the Tollywood actors, played the role of Soma’s husband. Other than that, there are Sohail Mandal from Dhaka, Paran Banerjee from Kolkata, Bratya Basu, Chandrayi Ghosh, Shaoli Chattopadhyay and others. Producer Jaseem Ahmed has raised the possibility of artists from Kolkata coming to Dhaka for the release of the film.

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