Or I will go in the background: Afzal Hossain

Or I will go in the background: Afzal Hossain

Afzal Hossain is considered the main hero of the golden age of television series. He admits it himself, in a slightly different way. He said, “This is my chance to have the golden age of TV series.” However, according to analysts, Afzal Hossain did not end up on the same scale as a later actor. Because this actor was on a long hiatus.

But fortunately, Afzal Hossain has been found regularly lately. Especially on the OTT platform, it surprises by playing multidimensional roles. Based on this, this time he will be seen in Desh Bhag’s film “Yapit Jeevan”. Habibul Islam Habib is producing the film with a government grant. Continuous shooting is ongoing on Peshkar’s house in Rajbari district.

This legend faced the Bengali Tribune there on Sunday, December 4. He talks about his past, present and future thoughts. He said that even though he plays regularly now, he can go backstage again. Words full of pride and regret. But before we get into the details, let’s find out the story of his “lived life.”

Afzal Hossain during the conversation Based on the novel by Selina Hossain, the film was scripted by Animesh Aich. Filming for the film’s first phase began on November 22 at various locations in Rajbari. Afzal Hossain took part in the filming from November 28. His role was completed on December 4. At the time of his farewell, he was talking on the set.

Afzal Hossain said of his association with the film: “When director Habibul Islam Habib sent me this manuscript, I read it. What I liked to read is that the story of the film is about our past history. Our generation knows first-hand the events that took the country through the movement-struggle-struggle. But I learned to know the movement of language by reading or hearing. The partition of the country in 1947 is older. Partition of the country, migration of people from the country and attempts to appropriate the country are many such events. What the current generation should know. If there is a past practice, how did you get a country, this feeling or patriotism is created. That’s why love.

Afzal Hossain during the conversation The actor said, “Japit Jeevan” will show the story of a family fleeing from India to here (East Pakistan) during the score. This story will reach the language movement.

Afzal Hossain said of the story’s unraveling in the film, “When I came to shoot, I saw the pain of being left behind in everyone.” There is also the attempt to settle in a new country. But man’s unhappiness through various crises, the place where man reaches the end is pain. We try to tell that through this story. So I did my best to be the character of that era.

Afzal Hossain thinks there are challenges in such stories. According to him, ‘Standing at this time, the characteristics of the characters of the time, walking-walking, dress-makeup, location, speaking style must be done correctly. Because if the period we are talking about cannot be made credible for the public, then the appeal is lost. As a result, the task is very difficult. So we all try to be those people, even now. We came to this place (Rajbari) away from Dhaka. The place has a particularity. I hope the public will like it.

Thoughts on filming Afzal Hossain receives a group of actors from this generation in ‘Yapit Jiban’. Such as Imtiaz Barshan, Moushumi Hamid, Ashna Habib Bhavna, Raonak Hasan etc. There is also the talented actress Rokeya Prachi. Afzal Hossain sees the experience of working with these artists differently.

He said, “But for me, it’s a new experience. I’ve been an actor for maybe 75 years. But it’s true, not everyone I know or work with are talented artists of this generation. I recently started working out regularly. So when such an opportunity arises, I try to take advantage of it. I like to see how the next generation does things. I believe that every human being has a lot to learn every day. It makes me more mature.

47 years of acting life of Afzal Hossain. However, for a long time in between, he became involved in the management and establishment of advertising agencies. Other than that, he has been acting steadily lately. So why did you take a long break? Why did you become regular now? Afzal Hossain opened his heart in response to such a question. He gave a speech of pride and joy.

Prachi Rokeya with co-stars in a scene Active since 1975. It’s now 2022. I had my lucky golden age in television. Not much work was done later. Because, I think, when nothing new can be done, it is better to do nothing. That’s why I was away. Note that the younger generation of creators have been doing great things for years. They present new ideas. I think it’s a lot of fun as an actor to engage with that idea. Now I regularly act or am able to do so because these opportunities are available. Because many characters are coming, which I couldn’t find a reason not to do. It was more the characters that attracted me. That doesn’t mean I can stay consistent. If such characters keep coming, I will, otherwise I will go backstage.

In such a comment, legend Afzal Hossain meant that the practice of creating character-based content started from OTT in movies; May he continue. Otherwise, in this way, pride will arise, Amitabha will remain in the background.

Moushumi Hamid filming

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