Our Kamrul in Hollywood


Our Kamrul in Hollywood

Again, it was learned from Kamrul Hasan that popular Hollywood movies are not only discussed with directing and acting. Jisan Kamrul Hasan from Laksam Upazila from Comilla has done motion graphics in the trailer for several movies including Last Night in Soho, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Asked about his work, Kamrul Hasan said, “I myself have been immersed in Hollywood movies. But the trailer and teaser appealed to me more than the movie. I never thought I would come to Hollywood and do such a thing. In fact, not with the actors and actresses or the director of the film, I work with the marketing team of the film. I share ideas with them and work on motion graphics for the movie trailer with their ideas.

Bangladeshi youth have a long history of working in Hollywood. Kamrul Hasan joined this team. But his work is quite different from others. The Hollywood industry, famous for its commercial films, does not compromise on quality and technical expertise. Movie trailers are very important in any industry, not just Hollywood. Because trailers and teasers play a huge role in promoting a movie. Our Kamrul Hasan plays this important role in the hit Hollywood movie.

Busy and busy work

Culver City, California, United States – It is famous for producing movies and TV series. Culver City, California is also known as the birthplace of Hollywood. This is where Bagha Bagha Studios like Sony, GMG or Golden Metro Mayor, Amazon and TikTok. Kamrul lives in Culver City. Here he works as a motion graphics designer at Wild Card Creative. On paper, Kamrul has to work seven days, even though the office operates five days a week. Asked about his remarkable work, Kamrul Hasan said, “You have to work here all the time. Because Hollywood says! I have done and am doing a lot of work. Some of these works include West Side Story, House of Gucci, Drop Out, Boss Legacy, Tehran Season Two, Deep Water, Morbius, The Take Down, Doctor Strange, The Kardashians, Samaritan, Bel Air, Pray, and True Story of the LA . Lakers. .

How to travel to Hollywood

Asked about his background in Hollywood, Kamrul Hasan said, “I was surprised to see the motion graphics work in various scenes from the movie The Lord of the Rings in 2002. Later, I decided to learn the work motion graphics. In 2007, I took a month-long Photoshop course at Laksam. After coming to Dhaka from Comilla in 2008, I started learning advanced Photoshop work by watching YouTube. In 2012, Mace’s roommate’s brother joined his company as a graphic designer. I worked as a freelancer from 2013 to 2016. I moved from Bangladesh to New York in 2016. After arriving here, I also got a job as a graphic designer in a local newspaper. However, due to the lack of professional knowledge, the hard working day begins.

In 2017 I left New York and moved to Los Angeles. I started living here with my job. I quit my job at Corona and started learning motion graphic design from video tutorials. In addition, by reading various books and articles, I started to learn the work of new software needed for film graphics, such as After Effects, Cinema Ford, Houdini and Nuke. As unbelievable as it sounds, I was spending 15-18 hours a day on it. I didn’t give up though.

It was my routine from March to December 2020. Then I prepared my show reel from January to May 2021. And in August I started sending applications to various organizations as a motion graphics designer. I used to send my showreel or portfolio to 30-40 production companies every day. For the first few months, no production company responded. After three months, Wild Card Creative contacted me and selected me for the job. I have been working in this company since November 2021.

growing up

Jisan Kamrul Hasan was born and raised in Michhari village near Laksam railway junction. Father Delwar Hossain Bhuiyan is a retired bank officer and his mother Kamrunnahar is the principal of a local government primary school. Kamrul Hasan’s elder sister, Moni, is a teacher at a local government college and her younger sister Fatema studies at the University of Dhaka. Kamrul Hasan was enrolled in Computer Science and Engineering at Ahchanullah University of Science and Technology during his college career, but did not complete his college education. However, the knowledge of building a career on the path of your dreams has continued and still continues.

dream of the future

Asked about his dreams and plans for the future, Kamrul Hasan said, “I want to see myself as an art director in the future. Not only to see this dream, but also to walk the path of its realization. I prepare and I work hard. Apart from that, I want to work on the country’s liberation war.

We can expect that the positive response from domestic cinema currently, in the hands of Kamrul Hasan, will surely go much further.

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