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Over 1 crore in 1 day, Dev-Mithun’s ‘Prajapati’ set a record in the history of Bengali films.

Over 1 crore in 1 day, Dev-Mithun’s ‘Prajapati’ set a record in the history of Bengali films.

Dev, Mithun Chakraborty, Projapoti, G 24 Hour Digital Bureau: After the success of Tonic, Dev made consecutive films with director Abhijit Sen. This year, their movie ‘Butterfly’ was released two days before Christmas. Directed by Abhijeet, this film stars Mithun Chakraborty and Dev as father and son. Their relationship in personal life resembles that of father and son. His image was seen on the screen. Houseful boards outside the showtimes of this movie day in and day out are proof that audiences loved this movie. ‘Butterfly’ released across India. The film broke records on the first day of the year. This movie sold out all over West Bengal including Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore at New Year.

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Deb, Producer Atanu Roy Chowdhury and Director Abhijit Sen will be announcing Prajapati’s record live on social media on New Year’s Eve. They are understandably happy with Prajapati’s success. In recent times, no Bengali film has sold out in all of India. This film made a record in this matter. Not only housefull, this movie earned over 1 crore in a single day on the first day of the year. Which is a record in the history of Bengali cinema. Dev wrote his name in Bengali film history by holding the butterfly. Apart from acting in this film, he is also one of the producers of this film. However, on the first day of the year, Dev announced the next movie, their dream project will be released in December this year under the direction of Abhijeet.

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Dev came live for 10 minutes on January 1. There, the superstar answered questions from fans. Can the butterfly be released in Bangladesh? Producer Atanu Roychowdhury shared his thoughts. Dev also said he doesn’t want any controversy over Prajapati as it will scare people. The actor called on everyone to come see the film. Incidentally, this film is about the father-son relationship. The father is eager to marry his son, on the other hand, various social problems and family problems have appeared in the story of the film.

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