Palak sent home by car, promising to give a house

Palak sent home by car, promising to give a house

Minister of State for Information and Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak rescued a helpless woman in his area after seeing a report broadcast on private television.

On Sunday January 8, the Minister of State found him on the sidewalk adjacent to Petrobangla in the capital’s caravan bazaar.


The woman’s name is Sajeda Khatun. His house is in Haspukuria village of Sukash Union No. 1 of Singra Upazila of Natore. He left the area after having trouble with his residential land.

Meanwhile, after rescuing Sajeda Khatun from the trail, the state minister immediately gave the woman Tk 20,000 in cash and winter clothes. Later he arranged to send to the village in his own car.


Moreover, the Minister of State promised to solve the problem of residential land in the region and to build him a house there. Furthermore, he announced that he would provide cash assistance of three lakh taka to empower the woman. Junaid Ahmed Palak also said that he would provide full support to the children of Sajeda.

Meanwhile, while searching for Sajeda on the trail, Minister of State Palak was handing out blankets to the two hundred helpless people who spent their days suffering in the winter. At that time, he gave them a card with his own mobile number and asked them to contact him if necessary.


Minister of State Junaid Ahmed Palak said we have built 1,390 homes for the homeless in Singra Upazila. 385 other people receive houses. But in my area there will be no home for a helpless mother like Sajeda Khatun, this cannot happen. We will do everything necessary to make it home and independent.


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