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Panchmukh Subarna Mustafa praises Maui

Panchmukh Subarna Mustafa praises Maui

Sadia Islam Mou is the famous showbiz actress of the country. Her appearance and qualities are appreciated not only by her fans.

Her teammates in the showbiz world are also full of praise. This time, legendary actress and congresswoman Subarna Mustafa publicly praised Maui.

On Saturday, December 10, Subarna Mustafa shared some photos of Maui on social media and gave a status about her.

I want to write about someone very close to my heart – notes Subarna Mustafa, a custom began to wish someone on their birthday or birth. It is very good. Today I want to write about someone very dear to me and very dear to me.

Subarna Mustafa wrote praising Mou, Sadia Islam Mou is the super role model of our country. I have known him since childhood. I saw a beautiful personality growing in her inside and out. After marriage, comes a stage in her life where she focuses on her children, her husband, her family and surrenders very comfortably. I’m sure his mother told him to be careful, so did I.

Regarding Mou’s career, writes Subarna Mustafa, I asked him (Mou) to constantly work, dance, diet… Look how Mou started his career and where he is today. Only then will you understand that today she is a successful actress. For me, she is the most beautiful woman in our industry. She is unique in all the clothes she wears. Whatever she wears in a saree, she takes everyone’s breath away, spellbinding. She looks angelic and magical in every outfit.

Expressing his admiration for Mou, writes Subarna Mustafa, Mou proved it through his work. He didn’t show up to everyone just to show off his looks. Through self-expression, he also brings out his strong personality. This has increased everyone’s respect, love and acceptance of their work. That’s why he was able to identify himself separately. No matter how hard you try, you cannot become a Sadia Islam Mou.

Many showbiz stars have shared it after giving Mau this status. Some expressed their agreement with Subarna Mustafa’s remarks. Mou is very happy and excited to see the status.

Coming to the comment box, Mau writes, Subarna Mustafa Apu, I am overwhelmed with your love. I’m really lucky to have a big sister like you. I love you my sister…

Several popular showbiz stars in the country have commented on this status of Subarna Mustafar. Among them are actress Farzana Chumiki, Deepa Khandkar, Tanveen Sweety, Sumaiya Shimu, Saberi Alam, Golam Farida Chanda, musician Ankhi Alamgir, Konal, Biplab Saha, producer Chayanika Chowdhury and many more.

Bangladesh time: 1808 hours, December 10, 2022

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