Pandit Jasraj | Pandit Jasraj started Raag Adana after hearing the Dakshineshwar temple bell coming from the opposite side of the river

Pandit Jasraj | Pandit Jasraj started Raag Adana after hearing the Dakshineshwar temple bell coming from the opposite side of the river

As a spectator-listener, I have been associated with musical circles for over 50 years. I remember many things. Let’s say which one!


Let’s start with the year 1967. That year, the event was one night. Kathak dance was performed by Guru Gopikrishna. This time he came to Sangeetchakra. Another performer that night was Empress Ghazal Begum Akhtar. He also came that time.

Let’s talk about that. Aakashvani’s Begum Akhtar expressed his desire to air the program pan-Indian level. The authorities of Begum Akhtar and Sangeetchakra agreed. The event will take place from 11 p.m. For this, arrangements have been made to send the entire program to Kolkata Aakashbani through the Kolkata hotline. The Gopikrishnaji ceremony was set for 9:30 p.m. He was told to leave the stage at 11:30 a.m. So that the program of Begum Akhtar can be launched from 11 am sharp. Drowning in the ocean of dance, Gopiji forgot time. In this sense, the authorities of Akashbani and Sangeetchakra join hands! Gopiji was forced to leave the stage at 10:50 a.m. Begum Akhtar’s program aired on Aakashbani at 11am sharp. It is a historic event. Later, however, the authorities of Akashbani and Sangeetchakra apologized to Gopiji. Gopi also realized the mistake and reconciled the matter.

Ustad Bismillah Khan’s 1980 Sanai melody still resonates. Sanai in this last night. This year is the centenary of the birth of Emperor Sarod Ali Akbar Khan. He was commended by the Uttarpara Sangeetchakra in 1997. During this event, he created unique magic in Sarod. In his brief speech, he talked about Kali Puja in his family.


1982 was the silver jubilee year of Uttarpara Sangeetchakra. Pandit Ravi Shankar is supposed to play sitar on this occasion. It was fitting for Ravi Shankarji to come straight to Sangeetchakra after playing in Madras (now Chennai) earlier in the day. But due to natural reasons, air traffic in the country was suddenly stopped. At this point, the music authorities are in a state of confusion! All tickets are sold. What will stop the event? Unable to communicate.

On the other hand, Ravi Shankarji approached the military authorities and landed in Kolkata on a military plane and directly appeared on the Sangeetchakra stage. He achieved this impossible by loving music and musical circles. It is also a historic event.

In 1995, the three-star gathering of Sangeetchakra. Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Ustad Zakir Hossain and Begum Parveen Sultana. What a wonderful musical atmosphere!

Ending with another incident. Year 1997 Pandit Yashrajji performs the music. Started talking. From this side the bells ring from Bhagirthi and Par. This sound also reached Panditji’s ears. He questioned Sangatkar Anandagopal Banerjee, who was seated next to him, about the source of the bell. Anandji said that on the other bank of Bhagirathi is the temple of Dakshineswar. At night, Maa Bhavatarini’s bed bell rings. Then an infallible fountain of divine joy opened. Panditji caught the wrath of Mata Kalika in ‘Adana’! A current of indescribable joy passed through the Sangeetchakra. “Alla Meherban” caught this rage after finishing it. It was a wonderful example of calling on God to Daraj Kanth. The Sangeet Sangeet is glorified in true musical harmony by pushing back against provincialism and bigotry. Victory is humanity, the human spirit.

The author has been an officer of Sangeet Chakra since 1995

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