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Panth Kanai and Tasnia Farin in the feature film


Panth Kanai and Tasnia Farin in the feature film

Panth Kanai is said to be a folk and rock genre musician. He is a musician and singer. A three-decade career in music. He showed the latest surprise in ‘Coke Studio Bangla’. Yet at this point in his career, this cast-artist comes in with a whole new surprise.

Panth Kanai performs for the first time. This too begins with a feature film.

And it is through this film that Tasnia Farin, the latest brightest face in TV and web content, will make her domestic film debut. He previously worked in the web movie ‘Beyond Network’. During this time, he said he was working in Tollywood’s Atanu Ghosh’s “Aro Ek Prithivi”. However, Farin now works in Dhaliwood films.

The name of the movie is ‘Dahkal’. Produced by Moin Hasan Dhruv. Besides Panth Kanai and Tasnia Farine, Yash Rohan from ‘Swapnjaal’-‘Paraan’ is one of the characters.

Panth Kanai told the Bengali Tribune, “Work on the film has already started. But my part is turning now. First acting experience. It is also a feature film. Overall, the acting experience is awesome.

It stars Panth Kanai as the owner of an advertising agency. On the other hand, Farin is a model. Basically, the story of ‘Dahkal’ is arranged with various incidents between the agency head and the model.

Tasnie Farin Sharing the first acting experience, Panth Kanai said, “I was very nervous at first. Later, with the director’s courage and bullying, I tried. Then I saw that I could do well! A shot ends and the unit cheers. A lot of people said, I’m an actor! After hearing this, I regained my confidence. I think, from now on, I will play regularly with the vocals. It’s quite funny.

Meanwhile, people of this song are also very impressed with singer Tasnia Farin. After watching ‘Prison’ as ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’, OTT viewers of two Bengals were mesmerized by Farine’s performance. Regarding this actress, Panth Kanai said, “Farin is fantastic. An actress so fluid, you can’t feel her if you don’t see her up close. And as a person, he’s amazing. At least that’s what I think works together.

It is known that the filming of ‘Dahkal’ is in the middle now. A theatrical release is planned for the first semester. Yash Rohan

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