Paralyzed in ‘Bapparaj’ hospital

Paralyzed in ‘Bapparaj’ hospital

Ranjitha and Bapparaj

The song sung by Shakila Zafar and Tapan Chowdhury from the song ‘Pathor Aurdi Kachcher Hriday’ was used in the movie ‘Dhaka 86’. Actress Ranjitha and actor Bapparaj crossed their lips on screen in this song from the film directed by Nayakraj Razzak.

This Bapparaj heroine is now paralyzed and lying in her bed. His left arm and left leg were paralyzed from a stroke.

Ranjita is known to be admitted to Mugda General Hospital in the capital. He lives a poor life. He tells the media he wants to live. Ranjita’s legs and hands became paralyzed after suffering a stroke on September 28. He was taken to hospital on Thursday.

Ranjita said, “It’s hard for me to talk, I want to live. I want to recover, please help me. I have no accommodation in this city. I have no way to win. Who can save me but the Prime Minister, he is compassionate. ‘

The actress said in a tearful voice: “I have a brother, he is also disabled. My treatment is expensive. I have no choice, I want to live. He also called for the cooperation of the ‘Bangladesh Film Artists Association.’

Although it seems incongruous to hear such nostalgia in the heroine’s voice, it is now true. Ranjita also starred in Razzaq’s “Raja Mistry” and “Jiner Badsha”. She appeared as a heroine in 29 films during her acting career.

Ranjita has also produced films; But now he is helpless. Has produced 18 films. Her produced films include ‘Kung Fu Daughter’, ‘Death Fight’, ‘Karate Master’ and ‘Premik Rangbaaz’. His last released movie was ‘Neel Naksha’.

Ranjitha has also acted in television series. He performed in the play ‘Circus Vikhe’ directed by talented producer Atiqul Haque Chowdhury. The late musician Jewel is his brother. Ranjita won as an independent candidate in the Bangladesh Film Artists Association election.

Bangladesh time: 1834 hours, 02 October 2022

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