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Pari is interested in seeing her son

Pari is interested in seeing her son

History is that of the war of liberation. The moving story of a helpless mother of a seven-month-old baby who is pronounced dead. Producer Aranya Anwar brings it to the screen in the form of a film. Called “mother”. And the actress Parimani in the role of this mother.

Work on the film ‘Maa’ began in January this year. In the meantime, Pari has temporarily retired due to her maternity. But before that, he completed the work of ‘Ma’ as his last film. Finally, he obtained permission for publication, that is, permission from the Censor Board. After watching the film on Thursday (October 13), the board members decided to present the certificate with appreciation.

Producer Aranya Anwar has confirmed to Bangla Tribune that his film is being licensed without any cuts. He said in an excited voice, “Actress board member Aruna Biswas called and congratulated Bhuysi. Said board members unanimously decided to give uncut permission.

Upon hearing the news of the clearance, Parimani is unhappy with the roadblock. On the one hand, she is now a mother, on the other hand the name of the film is ‘Mother’, and her character in the film is also a mother. The motherhood actress told the Bangla Tribune, “I’m very happy that Uncut is getting censored. The journey of this movie will be my lifelong memory. When I shot ‘Maa’, Rajya (the son of Piri) was four months in my womb. And when he is released, he will be in my arms. What a joyful feeling it is, it cannot be explained.

Besides Pari, Azad Abul Kalam, Farzana Pichar, Saju Khadem, Rebena Karim Jui, Shilpi Sarkar Apu, Setu, Labanya, Shahadat Hossain and others have starred in this film.

It can be noted that Aranya Anwar is one of the proven manufacturers in the country. Who spread fascination by producing dramas like “Our Nurul Huda”. ‘Ma’ is his first film in his three-decade career. Therefore, he makes no mistakes in his efforts. If all goes well, the producer wants to release the film made under the banner of Aranye Pulak (AP) on the big screen this year.

Incidentally, on January 10, Parimani suddenly declared that she was going to be a mother. And her husband is actor Shariful Raj. The two got married secretly on October 17, 2021. Then, on January 22 this year, the wedding ceremony took place in a family arrangement. Pari became a mother to a son on August 10. Named Shahim Muhammad Rajya.

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