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Parimani leaked the screenshot of the meme


Parimani leaked the screenshot of the meme

The cold war between two popular actresses Parimani and Vidya Sinha Mim in the era of Dhaka cinema has become a cold war in the film industry and social media. Basically, the problem between the two appeared in the offensive status of the two on Facebook.

Netizens are eager to find the answer as to why actress Vidya Sinha suddenly gave Parimani status with Raj. Already two heroines have shed light on the issue from their position.

According to Mim, part of them are jealous of the runaway success of the movies ‘Paran’ and ‘Damaal’ and try to stop him and do all kinds of bad things to him. He also warned that if they tried to spread unsubstantiated information about him, they would be forced to take action in accordance with applicable law.

On the other hand, Pari commented that he was never jealous of Mim. On the contrary, he wanted more films to be made about the Raj-Mim duo. The mother of the state herself asked the directors to make a film about the couple. Parimani leaked a screenshot of the conversation with Mim as evidence.

It appears that on September 21, Pari wrote to Mim, “Director wants to talk to you for ‘Infinity Season 2’.” Mehndi Hasib will knock you out. Try to speak.

In response, Mim writes that he knows Haseeb Bhai. Well speaking.

Then he wrote to Paris, what are you doing in the morning? Did the baby get up? Later, Parimani expressed his feelings with an emoji.

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