Parimani-Raj will be seen on the same stage

Parimani-Raj will be seen on the same stage

The heroine of the popular Dhakai film, Parimony, and her husband, actor Shariful Raj, have been at odds for a long time. Different types of news arrive in the media about the anecdotes of their dignity.

Now the news is that this star couple will be seen on the same stage. It is reported that they will be seen on stage together at the ‘Real Heroes Awards’ event in Ajman, Dubai. A number of movie stars travel to Dhaka to participate in this event, which will be held for the second time. Pari-Raj will participate with them.

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In a video message on the “Real Hero Expo and Communications” page, Parimoni confirmed his participation in the Dubai event. Parimoni said in a video message, Assalamu Alaikum, I am your Parimoni. Welcome everyone I’m coming to Real Hero Season 2. Next January 15th at Wiener Sports Club, Azmaine. But see.

On the other hand, Shariful Raj said in the video message, “Hello, it’s Raj, me and Pari, we are coming to Real Hero Season Two, Winner Sports Club.”

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Pari-Raj fans are very excited to see this video message.

Apart from Pari-Raj, the president of the artists association Ilyas Kanchan, actor Shakib Khan, Tama Mirza and Raihan Rafi will also attend the event.

Presenter Shanta Jahan, singer Kajal Arif, Shiblu and others will also take part in the big “Real Heroes Award” ceremony.

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It should be noted that this event is organized with Bengali remittance fighters living abroad. This ceremony is made to bring their hidden works before everyone.

In this context, the founder of ‘Real Heroes Award’ said that this award was organized to encourage expatriate Bengalis. This year, besides expatriate Bengalis, many people from Bangladesh will attend the award ceremony to be held this year in Dubai.


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