Parimaniri hit Mim again with Raj


Parimaniri hit Mim again with Raj

A few days ago, Parimoni suddenly hinted at the extramarital affair between her husband, actor Shariful Raj, and Vidya Sinha Mim. There have been discussions and criticisms about this for several days.

In the meantime, Vidya Sinha Mim has stated that she will no longer act with Raj. Parimoni stung Mim again with this.

About a year ago, Vidya Sinha signed a contract with director Raihan Jewell’s Pathe Holo Deha. Shariful Raj was to be cast opposite him in the film. But recently, Mim told the film’s director that she was no longer interested in working with Raj.

As a reason for this, Mim said, he doesn’t want to create a “problem of mistrust” again in the world of royal fairies.

Two days after Mim’s statement was published in the media, Paramoni again hugged Raj and beat him.

“Shariful Raj is never a heroin addicted artist,” Parimoni wrote in a Facebook status around 9 p.m. Monday without mentioning the name of the meme. Sorry my sister.

Devotees were not mistaken in understanding to whom Parimani wrote these words. It’s easy to understand by looking at the status comments.

By the way, late on November 9, Parimoni posted the status of actress Mim with husband Shariful Raj. In the same status, the director of the duo Raj-Mim Paran and Damal called Rafi a “broker”. And told Mim to settle for her husband.

Hours after Parimani gave such a status on Facebook, Mim deleted her location without mentioning anyone’s name on her verified Facebook page. After that, Parimony gave another status about Mim. He also shared the screenshot of his conversation with Mim in this status.

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