Parimoni talked about Raj

Parimoni talked about Raj

A girl can never make such an important decision as having a baby if she isn’t completely serious about a relationship or if she doesn’t really want to.

All the efforts of my life to maintain this relationship properly have had only me. It’s like doing what you want hundreds of times, but in the end, the fact that I didn’t fit in became a great family formula. Parimoni gave a status on Facebook Sunday January 1 afternoon.

He wrote in the status, I can point out that our relationship has survived so long only because of my efforts. But when he reaches the stage of raising his hand repeatedly, there is no longer a relationship. It just sucks. Looking at the state, I forget everything again and again. I read to fix everything. But it will be really good for my child! no A sick relationship cannot grow by watching it so closely. So I, for the good of the kingdom and the king, I separated.

Parimoni talked about Raj

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Raj is now not only my ex but also the father of my son. So, to respect the father of the state, I say nothing else publicly.

But if he and his family try to do something sick or harmful to me, I will be forced to make a difficult decision.

Parimoni talked about Raj

Respected media workers out there, I hope you can understand my mental state. give me time Physically, I was devastated, I couldn’t grow up with my parents together, what could be more difficult for me…!

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Meanwhile, earlier this year, movie actress Parimony was in the news again. This time he pointed to something more terrible. He shared two photos. Where you can see bloodstains on the bed and pillow. Wrote, ‘Happy New Year. Press conference, loading….’. The photo has gone viral on social media since this morning. Everyone’s question, what happened to Parimony? Why does this star want to hold a press conference?
Earlier today, Parimoni hinted in a Facebook status that Swami was ending his relationship with Raj.

Parimoni talked about Raj

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Last Friday at midnight on Facebook, she wrote: “Today I gave Raj a break from my life and broke free from a sick relationship. There is nothing more important in life than to live healthy.


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