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Parimony doesn’t want Raj to make a movie with Mim

Parimony doesn’t want Raj to make a movie with Mim

After just a year of marriage, the family of the most talked about actress Parimony and rising actor Shariful Islam Raj is splitting up.

In a post on her Facebook account at midnight on Friday, Pari said she had given Raj a lifetime leave of absence. He wrote: ‘Happy thirty-first everyone! Today I kicked Raj out of my life and broke free from a sick relationship. There is nothing more important in life than living healthy.

It is known that before giving this post, she broke up with Raj with her child and moved out of her house. Although Pari rented this house, his close friends said. As such, it can be said to have come out of its own house.

It was found that this exit situation did not happen overnight. Since the last Qurbani Eid, the fire of unrest has been burning in the Raj-Peer family. This dispute concerns a film called “Paran” directed by Raihan Rafi which was released on the day of Eid.

Vidya Sinha Mim and Shariful Raj starred in this movie. Since then, there has been a secret relationship between these two. This is what Parimoni claimed on social media. Vidya Sinha Mim and Shariful Raj starred in another film by the same director called “Damal”. Siam is in the same movie.

In promotion of this film, he posted a picture on social media saying “Raj is holding Mim’s hand”. Since then, Pari suspects Mim with Raj. A few days later, Parimoni wrote in an article referring to Raihan Rafi: “Let’s see if he does as well as an actor as an actor!”

In the same post, Pari tagged Mim Vidya Sinha and wrote, “I should have been happy with my son-in-law.” Addressing the king, he wrote: “You shouldn’t have let him go this far! “It” basically refers to the relationship between Parimani Mim and Raj.

It is known that the suspicion of the two is mainly responsible for the breakup of Pari Raj’s family. Pari doesn’t want Raj to do anything else with Raihan Rafi or Mim.

Meanwhile, Parimani had an undeclared argument with Raihan Rafi’s close friend actress, Tama Mirza. This is also based on Rafi. The king was very upset. Day by day, Raj’s resentment and Pari’s suspicion grew so much that it eventually took the form of separation from the family.

Meanwhile, Parimoni told the media of the family breakup: ‘I haven’t divorced yet. But I broke off the relationship and walked out of Raj. From today (yesterday) we separated. I will send the divorce letter soon.

As the reason for the divorce, he said, “There were problems for a while. I tried to stay together watching the child’s face. But I couldn’t. His (Raj’s) manners are not together. So I was forced to leave home and separate.

Meanwhile, Shariful Raj is yet to open his mouth about his split with Pari. However, in an interview he said, “If the financial situation was better, I could have spent more time with my wife and children.

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