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Pathaan Vs Bengali Movies | Controversy between Pathaan and Bengali films continues in West Bengal dgtl

Pathaan Vs Bengali Movies | Controversy between Pathaan and Bengali films continues in West Bengal dgtl

Six days have passed since the release of “Pathan”. This film starring Shah Rukh Khan is setting precedents one after another at the box office. In this regard, the “debate” over “Pathan” against the Bengali film is raging even before the release of the film. Production company Yash Raj Films has adopted a ‘no sharing’ policy by showing the Siddharth Anand-directed film on single screens in the state. As a result, Bengali films are not released. Personalities speak out in favor of Bengali films. Someone blames the distributor. Somebody’s complaint is against the owners of the movie theater. Again, much of social media complains about the Bengali public.


“Pathan” plays in Udayan cinema in Sheoraphuli. Recently, the authorities of the room published a long post on their Facebook page. Question from the authorities, Bengali films don’t have theaters for ‘Pathan’. But if there is a Bengali movie show, why don’t Bengali viewers come? The message reads: “We really want Bengali films to succeed. Bollywood had to think twice before releasing a Hindi film in Calcutta in the sixties, seventies or eighties. Now there are 5-10 good movies a year. What will happen during the rest of the year?” They called on the audience to watch more Bengali movies in the coming days, reminding them of the infrastructural cost of the screen. unique.

image of Basusree Cinema Hall

An enthusiastic audience thronged a theater in the city to watch “Pathan”. — own image.

It is undeniable that the Bengali film market is small. According to some, comparing a Bengali film with a big budget film like ‘Pathan’ is therefore absurd. Since the release of “Pathan”, producer Rana Sarkar has spoken out in favor of Bengali films. Anandabazar Online tried to know its position on “Pathan”. Rana said, “Very easy. I am not opposed to “sending”. I mean, after watching a Bengali movie, judge whether it is good or bad. Last year, 5 films were super hits in the Bengali industry. Bollywood doesn’t have that either.” It means there is an audience. But the Bengali public is not protesting to withdraw the current Bengali film and broadcast “Pathan”!

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\\\Gandhi Vs Godse\\\ was released with \\\Pathaan\\\, what is the status of this movie!

‘Gandhi Vs Godse’ was released with ‘Pathan’, what is the status of this movie!

Photograph by Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone of Pathaan.

“All you need is an excuse to love her,” Shah Rukh showered Deepika with love on stage

Atanu Ghosh’s film “Aro Ek Prithivi” is coming out this week. The film’s actor, Saheb Bhattacharya, criticized the issue on social media. His response, “It’s hard to accept that the producer sits in Bandra’s office and decides which movie will shoot in Bengal!” Again, Riddhi Sen opened his mouth against the “Boycott Gang” regardless of the quality of the film. He wrote: “‘Pathan’ is a flat slap on the cheek at this boycott party.” In terms of the language of commercial films, “Pathan” is monotonous. But ‘Pathan’ proved that no one can come and dictate to Indian citizens which movies to watch and which movies to boycott.”


In this regard, a protest meeting was called by ‘Bangla Paksh’ in front of the Star Theater last Saturday. Director Shaibal Chakraborty supported their statement against the invasion of ‘Pathan’ on Bengali films. On the other hand, after watching “Pathan”, Saurabh Palodhi blamed Bengali viewers. Posting a video on Facebook, Sourav said, “Those criticizing on social media didn’t know there was a movie called ‘Jhilli’ or ‘Dostji’!” At the same time, recalling the boycott of the film by the saffron army, comment by Sourav, I will review the film because the BJP boycotted it.

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