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Pathan of Shah Rukh Khan to create history

Pathan of Shah Rukh Khan to create history

Daily digital news desk: Debate is on its way to debate. But Pathan is not lacking in enthusiasm. Shah Rukh fans are there to promote the movie. And the news is that Shahrukh’s film “Pathan” is making one record after another, before the release! What recording? Let’s look at each.

“Pathan” has already attracted attention in advance reservations. Trend says this movie will beat everyone in the opening itself. According to the survey, Pathan will also break the records of Halfil’s ‘Brahmastra’, ‘KGF 2’ in advance bookings.

In addition to this, it has been reported that Pathaan will be screened for the first time at 9 am in Mumbai’s traditional cinema hall, ‘Gaiteyi Galaxy’. And it was organized by the Shah Rukh Fan Club in Mumbai.

There is no end to the ‘Paathan’ film controversy. As the release day progresses, the heat of controversy over the Pathan film seems to be increasing. As such, the Delhi High Court issued a new order on Pathan on Monday. Production company Pathan Yashraj has been advised by the Delhi High Court that special guidelines must be followed for the OT release of this film. The Delhi High Court has said that the subtitles of the film must be submitted in advance before the OTT release. Because, this arrangement was requested so that the wrong information is not displayed in the subtitles. In addition, permission from the censorship board was also requested.

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘বেঁচে আছি…’, হাসপাতাল থেকে ছুটি পেয়েই পোস্ট অনীক দত্তর, কবে ফিরবেন কাজে? ]

Incidentally, there is no end to the controversy surrounding the song ‘Beshram Rong’ from the movie ‘Pathan’. As a result, Siddharth Anand’s film came under the scrutiny of the Censor Board. What is missing from the edge of the ‘Beshram Rong’ scissors? There’s no end to fan curiosity about this. The Censor Board hasn’t announced anything yet. But the Censor Board report is going viral everywhere. However, it is not yet clear whether the viral report is true.

According to the report, the censor board will cut more than 10 scenes. Several dialogues of the film must be modified. The word ‘Raw’ should be changed. At least 13 places mention the PMO, i.e. the Prime Minister’s Office. They also need to be changed. The song ‘Beshram Rong’ will not be outdone. But the song’s dance scene may need to be changed a bit. There will be some changes in dance poses full of sexual appeal. But there will be no change in the ocher bikini. However, the Censor Board has not accepted the veracity of this viral report.

The first song from the movie ‘Pathan’ ‘Besharam Rang’ was released on November 12. Since then, the controversy has begun. The song scene was shared and a boycott of the film was called. “Boycott Pathaan” is trending on social media. The song has been accused of obscenity.

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘দেবকে ভয় দেখানো হয়েছিল’, ‘প্রজাপতি’ বিতর্কে মুখ খুললেন মিঠুন, কী জবাব দেবের?]

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