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Pathan’s record amid controversy

Pathan’s record amid controversy

Entertainment desk: Famous ‘Bollywood Badshah’ actor Shah Rukh Khan. He was last seen in the movie “Zero” in 2018. Shah Rukh is coming back to Bollywood after four long years with the movie “Pathan”.


And after a few weeks, “Pathan” will be released on January 25. However, the movie’s first song “Beshram Rong” soon after its release was discussed and heavily criticized. Many complained that Deepika Padukone’s outfit in this song exceeded the level of obscenity. Apart from this, Deepika wearing an ocher colored bikini in the provocative song has also been accused of hurting Hindu feelings. BJP leaders and Madhya Pradesh-Maharashtra ministers have joined in the call for a boycott of the film.

Meanwhile, Pathan’s new song “Jhume Jo Pathan” was released amid this controversy. Leaving aside the Pathan controversy, Shahrukh-Deepika’s on-screen chemistry in this song has once again captured the hearts of fans.

Apart from this, another great news for Shah Rukh fans is that “Pathan” has set a new record in Indian cinema history amid controversy. Shah Rukh’s comeback film “Pathan” is released as an Indian film in ICE format for the first time.

Like the king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh has created a new story in the comeback film. “Pathan” will be released in ICE format on two PVRs in Delhi. ICE technology has two side panels next to the main screen. This results in peripheral vision, which allows the viewer to better enjoy background colors, movement, and more.

Although the film’s storm of controversy continues to have moviegoers excited about ‘Pathan,’ production company Yash Raj Films probably got it right. Rohan Malhotra, vice president of the company’s distribution department, told Indian press, “Yashraj Films wants to embrace any kind of cutting-edge technology.

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Yashraj Films is ready to provide all kinds of entertainment for moviegoers. We are proud that with a film like Pathan, we will create a new record by releasing a film in ICE format for the first time in India. Audiences will have a new experience watching this film.

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