Pelé spread the light by playing and singing

Pelé spread the light by playing and singing

Pelé spread the light by playing and singing

Football’s ‘black maniac’ Pele has left the entire footballing world in tears. Millions of football fans are devastated by the news of the death of the greatest footballer of all time. But Pelé will be remembered not only as a footballer, but also for his qualities off the pitch.

Apart from foot magic, Pelé was also good at writing songs. He wrote hundreds of songs. One of his albums sold over 100,000 copies. He knew how to sing well. Not only that, he was also seen singing along with the guitar on a TV show of another deceased superstar, Maradona.

Pelé also dabbled in acting. Pelé also acted in a few films, including the World War II film “Victory”. He first appeared on the big screen in 1962. He starred in the movie ‘King Pele’ directed by Carlos Hugo Christensen. He won the World Cup for the second time that year.

Another famous film by Pelé is called Victory (1981). Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone was at the height of his fame in the film industry when filming for the film began. Pelé starred with him in this film. The film tells the story of a football match between Nazis and prisoners during World War II.

Another famous film “Birth of a legend” (2016) is associated with the name of Pele. Director Michael and Jeff Zimbalist told the familiar story of how he became a legend in the world of football despite being born in a poor house in the slums. The music for the film is composed by Oscar-winning Indian composer and music director AR Rahman.

Also, in 1972, Pelé starred in other films including “A Marcha”, “A Minor Miracle” (1985), “Hotsaht” (1986).

Pelé has also appeared in television series. In 1969 he starred in the Brazilian series “Os Estranho”. Apart from that, Pelé starred in ‘Ujistrons’ (1969), ‘Salvador de Patria (1989)’, ‘The Clone’ (2001) and ‘Speedy’ (1998).

In 2021, Netflix produced a documentary called “Pele” based on the biography of the three-time World Cup winner.

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