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People see my review more: Dighi

People see my review more: Dighi

Actress Manharta Fardeen Dighi. Photo: Collected


Actress Manharta Fardeen Dighi. Photo: Collected

Young actress Pharthana Fardeen Dighi feels that because she is popular, people criticize her more.

The heroine put it this way: “It is always the speakers from all sectors who are criticized first”. So I think because I’m talked about, people see my reviews more.

Dighi made the comment while attending an event on Friday night. He also said, “The number of people who loved little Dighi when I was a kid, I haven’t reached that level yet. For this reason, more time should be given to Dighi. But now there is nothing to worry about why someone gives me bad feedback. As these things happen, I will be mentally stronger. Will insist on doing better. I think sometimes it’s necessary, otherwise everything would seem vegetarian.

Director Raihan Rafi made a controversial comment last week about three-time National Film Award winner Dighi. In this context, the heroine commented, “I didn’t put anyone down by directly mentioning the name. Even then, if there are criticisms, I am not hurt. On the contrary, these things make me strong. At the end of the day, I get mental toughness, not education.

Dighi recently joined a new web movie titled “Fera.” The RTV production will start filming in the new year.

Pradhan Fardeen Dighi’s speech to his father as a child calling out the name of a dead bird resonated across the country. The response was so great that Dighi won the National Film Award for Best Child Artist in his debut film “Kabuliwala”. The time is 2006. After 15 long years, the title of “heroine” came before the name of Dighi in March last year.

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