People watch Bengali movies leaving Hollywood: Riaz

People watch Bengali movies leaving Hollywood: Riaz

People watch Bengali movies leaving Hollywood: RiazNayak Riaz (Photo Collection)

People have been watching Bengali films in Hollywood style, and Riaz, the romantic hero of Dhakai films, hopes such scenes will be regular in the future.

The Bangladesh Film Artists Association held a banquet on Saturday at a resort town in Madhavadi, Narsingdi.

Bengali film actor Riaz made this comment there.

The popular actor said, “We have many talented artists, young and old. We all rejoice together. This is our most successful complete arrangement. ‘

Ilyas Kanchan said about the Nipun committee: “This committee is active, what I have done in the past few days, I have done very responsibly. You have seen that even in the days of joy we have kept among us the old artists, the lost stars. You see, we commemorated all the legendary artists by decorating their billboards. I think we tried. We have done our best. ‘

What is the work of the artists’ association for the development of the film? In response to such a question, actor Riaz said, “In fact, Shilpi Samiti alone cannot change or develop everything in the film industry. I think we called everyone, talked to everyone. ‘

Nayak Riaz said, “As a continuation of those, several of our films did well last year. People watched our movies keeping Hollywood movies, watching Bengali movies through the aftershocks. I thank these artists, these directors, I thank them. We want to see this kind of industry at home, hope we can see it in the future. We’re trying. ‘

Bangladesh time: 2110 hours, January 15, 2023

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