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Perhaps this sense was not awakened then, which I understand now:


Perhaps this sense was not awakened then, which I understand now:

Actress Nazifa Tushir made her big screen debut with director Redwan Rony’s ‘Ice Cream’. In the meantime, he received acclaim for his work in the web movie “Out of Network”.

However, the success of this year’s most talked about movie, “Hawa”, has given him a lot of advancement in his career. In this film, he won the hearts of the audience by playing the role of sharp-eyed “Gulti”.

This film directed by Mejbaur Rahman Sumon created a record in the country. Those involved with the film also celebrated the 100th day of its release on November 5. Tushi spoke about various issues during the event.

Tushi thinks that the way the character of Gulati in the movie “Hawa” is ingrained in people’s minds, it will be difficult to improve by joining a new character from this place.

The actress said: “I think it took a long time to get out of the trap. It’s a journey of four, five years ago. My feeling – no character dies. If we have a character in us, if the meaning is in us, then something of that character remains in us. While the character was recharging, if I could be the slingshot? There was only one comment – the eyes of this girl are very vivid. There’s this quick thing about that look. And I’ve worked with that character so much that now I’m scared to do another one.’

Although widely appreciated by audiences, after seeing the film, Tushee felt that the “character presentation could have been improved.”

According to him, “now many errors are visible. After doing a job, there is work to find your mistakes. I don’t understand where the work could be presented better. Air was not such a simple character, like a new one. I think many qualified actors should do this type of character. Maybe the filmmakers gave me the role, and I was able to do it because I was hardworking. But now it seems like I couldn’t do much. Maybe that sense wasn’t awake then, which I understand now. ‘

The actress mentioned three important reasons Tushi could have done to make Gulati more attractive on screen. According to him – firstly, more work should have been done on Voyage; Second, he needed to be more aware of makeup and could have come across more boldly or daringly on screen.

This luxurious beauty has become popular by doing little work. The stronger the foundation of a building, the stronger the building. Tusi may think so too. Think, there is no end to learn or practice to make career more famous. Thanks to this, you need to strengthen your foundation. So Nazifa Tushi recently took an acting class to make herself stronger.

In this context, he said, “This was my third workshop with theater director Syed Jamil Ahmed sir. Jamil sir means something else. Mezbaur Rahman Sumon is one of the mentors I had during this short journey in my life. Then learn in detail from someone whether it is acting or living, mister Jamil. Meet him for a short time, but his meaning of life! Spending time with him there is a feat in life. ‘

This actress also said, “Acting is learned as much as it can be practiced.” Maybe I’ll be busier in the future and won’t be able to do that. I had the chance to perform a play in this workshop. I believe that practice is essential in the game, just like the practice of the singers. ‘

‘ice cream’, ‘air’ from ‘off the grid’. What new job will you be doing on this trip? To such a question, Tushi replied, “Some works are being discussed, some photo shoots are also in progress. Looking forward to what the next trip will be. Maybe you have to survive working in OTT or some other medium. But like a trip to the movies, without that excitement, it won’t work. Seeing the wind, maybe the audience expresses their love or stings somewhere. I can’t wait to see if anyone does a trip like this again. ‘

Bangladesh time: 2157 hours, November 16, 2022

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