Photo of artist tied to rope goes viral


Photo of artist tied to rope goes viral

Musician, composer and musical director Zaker Khan Majlish (JK Majlish) has been arrested in the case of private satellite television RTV. A photo of him in handcuffs has gone viral on social media.

It is known that after the arrest, the police requested a seven-day pre-trial detention against JK Majlish in court. On the other hand, the lawyer requested the release on bail of JK Majlish.

Later, the court denied the bail request and ordered the accused to be sent to jail. He also allowed two days of interrogation at the prison gate.

Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Mahbub Ahmed issued the order on Monday, September 26.

Earlier on the night of September 25, JK Majlish was arrested at a house on Road No. 6 in the Mohammadpur residential area of ​​the capital. A detective team led by Additional Assistant Deputy Commissioner Ishtiaq Ahmed and Inspector Asaduzzaman of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police against Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTCT) arrested him.

A photo of JK Majlish handcuffed and tied with rope has gone viral on social media. Showbiz people cannot accept such behavior with the artist by posting this photo. It was not possible to confirm whether the photo was taken at the time of the arrest or in court.

Singer Mehdi Sohail shared the photo and wrote, I couldn’t keep silent after seeing the photo. JK Majlish is a tainted defendant? What if an artist’s hands weren’t handcuffed? Alas, the media… that’s why this world is so mind-boggling.

Mime actor and journalist Nithor Mahbub responded by posting the photo on Facebook and wrote: JK Majlish is a household name in the country’s music arena. It is very unfair to handcuff him and drag him around with a rope just because a complaint has been filed. I condemn and protest against such police behavior with JK Majlis before being found guilty.

Lyricist Zahid Akbar writes, I don’t personally know this musical director composer. But he is taken away with ropes like a thief-thief. That insult sounds great. If he commits a crime, what is the music organization’s job? A settlement could not be found. How can RTV do such a thing. I found out that this person once sang for them. Let the truth come out. I haven’t seen any artists, musicians or instrumentalists talking about it. It’s our music!

According to the case complaint, JK Majlish rearranged the music of old popular folk songs in exchange for money, but after three years, he released and promoted about 250 songs from RTV ‘Folk Station’ claiming to be the his on various online platforms. An organization called “Gunbox” cooperated illegally directly from Bangladesh; Which collect different kinds of songs from artists and composers and promote them on foreign online platforms.

Composer and music director JK Majlish was commissioned to rearrange the music for songs on RTV’s “Folk Station” program along with other composers. But RTV filed a complaint against him under the Digital Security Act at Motijheel police station for cheating on the rights to the songs.

Bangladesh time: 1712 hours, September 27, 2022

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