‘Phul Khile’ director Tabassum dies of heart attack at 78


‘Phul Khile’ director Tabassum dies of heart attack at 78

#Bombay: ‘Phul Khile Hai Gulshan Gulshan’ on display. And that means the smiling face of Tabassum Govil. The stars’ chat shows have been maintained in the chat. Tabassum, 78, breathed his last on Saturday night.

He went into cardiac arrest on the evening of November 18. He was probably hospitalized after that. The veteran actress died on Saturday evening. His memorial service was held in Mumbai on November 21.

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His show Phul Khile Hai Gulshan Gulshan gained popularity from 1970 to 1990. But he was known as a child entertainer long before that. Not only as a television host, but also as an actor, as a radio host, he has traveled through multiple fields effortlessly. Tabassum’s style of performance was followed by several shows thereafter.

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Tabassum was born in 1944. After his birth he was named Kiranbala Sachdev. Little Kiranbala made her screen debut in 1947 as Tabassum. Tabassum was married to Vijay Govil, brother of famous TV star Anil Govil.

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