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Piklu Chowdhury shoots a film on “Dawal”

Piklu Chowdhury shoots a film on “Dawal”

Producer Piklu Chowdhury has worked hard producing dramas, commercials and documentaries. Production of many dramas. This time he’s going to make a movie. Her movie name is ‘Dawal’.

The director said the film will be shot in March and April. Currently, the work of selecting the film’s artist is underway.

The director said, “My film is a periodic film. The story is the main attraction of this film. Thus, most of the actors in the film are removed from the theater. I hope I can start filming by next March after doing everything well.

He has already confirmed Chirkut Banderi Eamon’s involvement in the film. The names of the other crews and artists in the film will be announced gradually.

A 20-film “Dawal” in the 2020-21 financial year received government grants. This film in the general category also received a grant of Rs. 65 lakhs. Apart from the government grant, Rakibul Hasan Chowdhury Piklu is also the film’s co-producer.

Incidentally, many people of this generation do not know the “Dawal” in Bangladesh. This is the 1948-89 incident. At that time, there was a food crisis in several districts of the country. In particular, residents of Faridpur, Comilla and Dhaka districts have faced disaster. The government introduced the cordon system. No food was allowed to move from one neighborhood to another. The people of Faridpur and Dhaka districts used to go to Khulna and Barisal as day laborers in groups during the paddy harvesting season. They used to cut paddy. He would get a share instead. They were called “Dawal”. Thousands of people went there by boat. When they arrived, they were bringing home their share of paddy in their own boats. A lot of things happen to them at that time. Details about this Dawal are known in ‘Unfinished Autobiography’ written on Bangabandhu. which will appear on the screen.

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