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Political actor Dev says he will work with Mithun Chakraborty in future too amid row over Projapoti not being shown in Nandan

Political actor Dev says he will work with Mithun Chakraborty in future too amid row over Projapoti not being shown in Nandan

Kolkata: He came to politics on the principle of time. But for him, films come first. Actor and MP for Trinamool (TMC) Dev (Dev Adhikari) has ended the ‘Prajapati’ controversy. He said he became a god for cinema, not for politics (Projapoti Controversy). So always keep art before politics (Tollywood).

He became a god of cinema, not of politics, the actor says

Prajapati hit theaters over Christmas and Dev’s birthday. Mithun Chakraborty played the role of Dev’s father in the film. Once upon a time Trinamool. But now it’s BJP. But political stances haven’t stopped Dev and Mithun from working together. Instead, they give a message of mutual courtesy in the realm of art above politics.

But their film ‘Prajapati’ is currently causing controversy. Dev-Mithun’s film “Prajapati” has no place in the Bengali tradition. Khod Dev himself brought the matter to light. People from all walks of life protested this. Due to the presence of Mithun, it is alleged that politics works behind such behavior towards Prajapati and Nandane ‘Prajapati’ being a bratya.

In an exclusive interview with ABP Anand, Dev stated his stance amid the controversy. Said, “Film comes first for me. Not for politics, but for film, I became Dev. If necessary, I will work with Mithun again.”

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There are various theories about getting image exposure in Nandan. But I refuse to attach importance to any of this. In his words, “I have no regrets. Having a show or not having a show in Nandan is another matter. The only thing to say is that the money showing movies in Nandan, the atmosphere there- low, don’t strain the pockets of the middle class What happened, what could have happened, I don’t believe in that theory, I wonder what could have been .

But Mithun, a resident of the opponent’s political camp, is it so risky to take pictures! Stopping midway, Dev said, “Even if a script comes to me where Mithun is needed, I’ll do a movie with him again. For me, from start to finish, the movie is everything. I don’t never brought politics into film, and I never brought politics into film. Two “It’s a different world for me. I tried to balance the two worlds very honestly. No one can tell, I’ve tried to get a job with political influence before. If I think I need an artist, an actor, I’ll do my best, even fall on my feet. If the money is too much, I’ll say, I can’t pay, and I can’t even make a movie without you. That’s the kind of person I am.

Nandan Didn’t Get ‘Prajapati’ Show Due To Mithun’s Appearance, Allegations Are Raised

Although there were allegations that politics was at work for Nandan not to get the “Butterfly” show, however, Minister of State Firhad Hakim dismissed these allegations. He said, “The reason why there is no show in Nandan is that there is a reservation to show the film in Nandan. Those associated with the respective film should make the reservation in advance. This reservation is not in the hands of It may be for the film ‘Prajapati’.” The letter was not given. Someone else had given the letter earlier. So to say that Mithun Chakraborty is there, Prajapati didn’t get the show is not true. Because Dev is also in this movie.” However, even though the state government allowed the complaint, the complaint could not be stopped. Earlier, Aneek Dutt’s “Aparajit” also did not no longer got a place in Nandan, despite Trinamool Youth Congress leader Saini Ghosh in this film, he was not shown in Nandan.At that time too, there was controversy.

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