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Pooja Cheri will open on Shakib’s “good time”


Pooja Cheri will open on Shakib’s “good time”

Bubli’s baby bump revealed on Apu’s son’s birthday, followed by his son’s unveiling, Shakib-Pooja romance rumors, overall the showbiz scene is still hot. According to some rumors, Pooja Cherry would be in a relationship with Shakib Khan for a long time. Many believe they bonded while working in the film ‘Galui’.

But Shakib himself dismissed these rumors. Shakib said in an interview that he only married two people. The rest of the news is just rumors.

Meanwhile, Pooja Cherry has opened up about Shakib amid these rumours. Pooja visited the Cineplex to promote her new movie “Hridita” on Friday (October 7) and faced off with the media. She was asked about romance rumors with Shakib. Pooja wants to avoid the subject without saying anything directly.

Pooja Cheri said with a smile when asked about her chemistry with Shakib, I have to go to the movies now. I don’t want to say anything about it now. No comments.

Pooja says if I talk that much then I will get embarrassed. Now that I’ve moved on to the movies, I’m going to talk about Hridita. So far I am very positive. Because, those who are my fans, those who are my supporters, those who love me, are positive. And those who don’t like me, they can jump.

If this matter is not disclosed, rumors will increase – Pooja told reporters, I will find a good time and clarify this matter.

Pooja told reporters, stay positive. A breath of cinema is blowing, don’t waste this wind, we let it blow. I want to do a good job. I want to earn a place in people’s hearts by doing good work.

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