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Pooja Cheri will take legal action


Pooja Cheri will take legal action

Pooja Cheri made her debut as a child artist in the movie “Balobasaar Rong”. He became popular for his role as Pari in the movie ‘Poraman 2’. Pooja Cherry, who appeared on screen as a child artist, is now a heroine in her own right. The Dhaliwood area was buzzing with rumors about her romance with Shakib Khan recently. We even hear that it was thanks to him that the relationship between Shakib Khan and Bubli took off. This heroine is upset by the case.

Pooja revealed the affair in a social media post on Tuesday afternoon.

Pooja Cherry wrote, “Since childhood, I dreamed of becoming a good actress. I am moving forward little by little to realize this dream. The way people have given me love and embraced me in my short career, I want to do this job for the rest of my life. Besides the good guys, the bad guys are trying to stop me. Trying to stop me spreading false information. But I always focused on work without paying attention to these things.

He also wrote, “Over the past few days, I have noticed various false rumors being created in relation to my name in another person’s personal life. I’m attracted to various channels, including posts from Facebook’s personal login page or YouTube. I avoided the subject from the start. Because I don’t have any kind of relationship with any of that – insofar as I have a professional relationship as an artist.

Shakib-Pooja shooting for the movie 'Galui'

In Pooja’s words, “It is undesirable for those who love me to have negative thoughts in their minds.” Personally, I am very upset about this case. I think these things need to be stopped.

Expressing her anger, Pooja finally wrote, “Some of those spreading false rumors about me are doing so from a responsible position!” If in the future false rumors are spread about my name without any verification of the truth and without my declaration, I say so clearly – strict measures will be taken in accordance with the law in force in the country, because I respect the law. I wish everyone’s blessings, may everyone’s well-being and wisdom manifest.

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