Pooja Cherry won’t go to the US for ‘Bet’


Pooja Cherry won’t go to the US for ‘Bet’

Actress Pooja Cheri’s secret romance with actor Shakib Khan has been floating around in the media for several days. Rumor has it that they got married recently. Pooja changed her religion for the wedding.

In the meantime, the obtaining of an American visa by Pooja Cheri feeds the rumours.

The actress received a 5-year visa to the United States earlier this month. After getting the visa, you can see a lot of excitement in the eyes of this heroine.

But suddenly we learned that Pooja was not going to the United States. Rumors involving Shakib are blamed for this.

Because Pooja was preparing to travel to faraway America to attend the awards show, Shakib Khan was supposed to be there. Meanwhile, it is known that Shakib Khan will not travel to the United States. So all of a sudden, Pooja’s decision not to go to the United States is seen by many people in the film industry.

Now the new buzz at Cinepara is that Shakib Khan is not going, which is why Pooja will not be going to the United States to participate in the event.

Is it true? Puja told the media that the matter was just rumours. Recently, he has had enough of all these rumors.

Now popular actress Pooja of ‘Galui’ fame said: ‘It has now become a new problem. What is said is not correct. Just rumours. I don’t understand how many more rumors there will be. At that time, my filming job here fell. For this reason, I have decided not to go there for now. Nothing more.’

Pooja is stuck for a web movie named “Wager”. For this reason, he canceled his visit to the United States despite obtaining a visa.

Informing about this, Pooja said, “I will start a new journey on the OTT platform with the web movie Pari. Of course I have to be there. Otherwise, it will be unfair. I will be doing a photo shoot in a few days as part of the promotion of the web film. Apart from that, before the grand opening of the OTT, a ceremony is scheduled around October 16 or 17. I have to be there. All in all, I’m not going to the US now.

Of the Shakib Khan rumours, the actress said, “I’ve avoided the question from the start.” I have nothing to do with it. As long as there is only a professional relationship as an artist.

Incidentally, Jovan starred alongside Pooja in the web movie Pari, a story about trafficking in women. It is managed by Mahmudur Rahman. Its screenplay is written by Raihan Khan.

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