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Poppy finally returns, but…

Poppy finally returns, but…

Poppy, a once popular heroine of Dhaka cinema, has long been shunned from the cinema. Stay away from the media. In the meantime, there were rumors that she had become a mother. Although there was no truth to that.

With no information on Popi’s whereabouts, Popi released a video message earlier this year ahead of the Film Artists Association election in which he asked for votes for the Kanchan-Nipun panel. The puppy has since disappeared again.

But he finally returns. But not really, she’s making a comeback with her new feature film Poppy was last seen in ‘The Director’ in 2019. After a long hiatus, he returns after more than three and a half years with the film ‘Direct Attack ‘. Director Sadiq Siddiqui said “Direct Attack” will be released on December 23.

Director and producer Sadiq Siddiqui said it was a commercial film. It was long over. But because of the coronavirus, I couldn’t release it earlier even after the work was finished. Now the situation in the country’s cinema hall is normal. The audience is excited. For this reason, “Direct Attack” is scheduled to be released on December 23. But so far there is no talk of changing the release date.

He said, we will promote the movie in two or three days but Poppy is nowhere to be found. I don’t know if he will make more films or not. If the heroine of the film does not promote? You have to know if he will be there at the last minute.

Actor Amin Khan starred alongside Poppy in the movie ‘Direct Attack’. Actors Eamon, Shirish Sheela and others are also there.

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