Preparing to go beyond, Srilekha said ahead of the first anniversary of her father’s death


Preparing to go beyond, Srilekha said ahead of the first anniversary of her father’s death

bangladeshi the pulpit: It’s been a year since actress Sreelekha Mitra lost her closest person. The actress lost her father just after her birthday last year. Srilekha spent her birthday abroad last year. He had to go to Venice for the film festival. Srilekha could not even dream of witnessing such a tragic event after returning home.

He lost his mother before. Srilekha’s family consisted of an only daughter, Maiya, four children and a father. Srilekha was devastated by the loss of her large shelter. He spent his days clinging to the memory of his father for a long time. Grief fades over time, but is it completely erased? Ugh Srilekha always keeps her father’s memory with her in every work of life, every moment.

Now the actress will fulfill an unfulfilled wish of her father. He will publish an essay written by his father on the score in book form. It will be a tribute to my father on the occasion of his first death anniversary. Srilekha shared the news on social media.

The actress’s father loved to write. He lived by writing. Srilekha has also obtained the qualities of a father. The next 25 is the first anniversary of the father’s death. Srilekha planned to print one of her father’s writings after proofreading.

Srilekha shared several photos with her father’s handwriting and wrote, “Last year on the 25th of this month my father left us. My father also liked to write like me. So one of Baba’s writings, basically an essay based on the history of our original Zamindari home in Bangladesh, coming to this country a few years after the partition and writing about his struggles, is published as a book , by Dej Publishing.

Since this morning, the spirit is a little damp, just like the weather outside. Proofreading before printing the final. I couldn’t do it in my lifetime, it’s my offering in a year of death. Today I feel very alone after losing my best friend. So today I am no longer attracted by the fear of death and luxury. It can be said that I am also making preparations to go to the other side. If I see them again.

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