Prince Harry leaked the Royal Family’s secret information

Prince Harry leaked the Royal Family’s secret information

Harry Spare’s autobiographical book is published by Penguin Random House. The book is available in 16 languages ​​and as an audiobook. Prior to the book’s publication, Harry and Meghan received four TV interviews in the US and UK.

Prince Harry revealed many secrets of the British royal family in his autobiography, Spare. A few days before the release of his book, various discussions and reviews took place.

Discussions have been going on for a few days about the book’s pre-release TV interview, leaked information about the book, and its accidental pre-sale.

The book finally hit the market on Tuesday. Many readers began to flock to bookstores to obtain this book in advance.

In his autobiography, Spare, Harry made allegations against other members of the royal family in addition to his own life struggles. Among them, he made serious allegations against his father Prince Charles, his stepmother Camilla and his older brother Prince William. The revelation of these unknown personal facts in his book has aroused the interest of many readers around the world.

Workers at a bookshop in London’s Victoria Station are seen opening packs of new books in the middle of the night. Caroline Lennon, 59, stood outside Waterstones bookshop in London, waiting to buy a book.

Caroline said: ‘I love Prince Harry. I also love the British royal family. While taking pictures of the book, Caroline said she would finish reading the book soon.

The book is a bestseller on Amazon in the UK, Australia, Germany and Canada.

Source: Reuters.

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