Public quarrel Apu-Bubli, Silent Shakib!


Public quarrel Apu-Bubli, Silent Shakib!

Apu Biswas and Shabnam Bubli don’t like each other, pretty much everyone at Cine Para knows that. The reason for this dislike is Shakib Khan. Because they are both involved in a love match with the main hero of Dhallywood. Shakib began “Chapter Two” with Bubli after ten years of married life with Apu. Although there are also rumors of closure in this chapter.

Meanwhile, the hidden conflict between Apu and Bubli over Shakib is occasionally revealed. Sometimes in the interview they allude and comment, sometimes they insist on setting their own priority over Shakib. But this time, Apu-Bubli fought in public!

Posted on social media pointing to each other. Internet users find this entertaining.

It was Bubli’s birthday a few days ago. On this occasion, the actress told the media that Shakib Khan gave her a diamond brass knuckles. Apu shared the link to this news on his Facebook wall. The caption adds a smile of disdain – “What fun!” With some smiley emojis.

No one is left to figure out, the arrow of Apu’s thrust is towards Bubli. Bubli threw a bomb against this arrow! He wrote on his Facebook account on Wednesday (November 23rd): “Someone suddenly said, ‘Hey that girl holding the news with your photo on her own Facebook wall, it’s your pleasure. That means you’re the only one in his dreams. Hahaha.”

Apu-Bubli's messages refer to each other Internet users react differently to the Apu-Bubli Internet war. But the one around whom this fight is taking place, Shakib Khan is silent. He does not comment on either. A few days ago, however, he hinted that his relationship with Bubli was not in a happy state. Bubli, however, has always tried to establish that “all is well”.

For example, Bubli shared a photo with Shakib on November 21 and said it was taken at the famous Taj Mahal in Agra. After the wedding, they went to visit Uttar Pradesh in India for a short time. At this time, Shakib took his newly married wife to see Shahjahan’s immortal creation.

Incidentally, Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas got married on April 18, 2008. But they both kept the news a secret. In late 2017, Apu appeared live on television with his son Abram Khan Joy. He made public the details of his marriage, marriage and adoption of children with Shakib. A few months after this incident, Shakib divorced Apu.

The same thing happens with Bubli. She secretly married Shakib on July 20, 2018. Then on March 21, 2020, she became the mother of Shakib’s son, who was named Shehzad Khan Bir. Bubli took the matter public via Facebook, followed Shakib and shared the same photo.

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