Punishment for opening his mouth against Nana, tried to kill Tanushree by mixing poison in drinking water!

Punishment for opening his mouth against Nana, tried to kill Tanushree by mixing poison in drinking water!

bangladeshi the pulpit: The “Metoo” movement that has rocked the nation’s entertainment industry from the inside was first launched by actress Tanusree Dutta. He was the first Bollywood star to expose the industry’s dirty tricks. Actor Nana Patekar has filed a complaint for assault. And since then, one accident after another has happened in Tanushree’s life.

Although he is a household name in Bollywood, Tanushree was lost from the industry for quite some time. He came back after a long time and made explosive allegations against Nana. Since then, Tanushree has been involved in several plots against her. He said even an attempt was made to kill him.

In a recent interview, Tanushree raised the same complaint again. The actress claimed that an attempt was made to commit suicide to open her mouth against Nana Patekar. Tanushree had a car accident while going to perform a puja at a temple in Ujjain. He said there was a plot to kill him. But by God’s blessing, he only broke a few bones. But Tanushree took a long time to recover due to heavy bleeding.

Not only that. The actress claimed a maid was sent to her house with plans. And since his arrival, Tanushree kept getting sick. He suspects the attendant mixed poison in his drinking water. For which he fell ill.

Earlier, Tanushree said she wants to restart her career after returning to India. Many have also expressed interest in working with him. He also said yes to several movies and web series. But then either the producers shut up or the investors pull out. Tanushree said these incidents have been happening with her since 2020. Each time, the directors-producers were threatened not to work with him.

In Tanushree’s words, “They are very powerful. No one wants to lick them. So the filmmakers avoid me. Nobody wants to give me a job. Who are the “powerful”? Tanushree consciously took no name. As a reason, he said, he has no proof. In addition, there is also the fear of prosecution. Only Tanushree said, during the Mitu revolution, that she had been around a lot of people. Now they are trying to eliminate it through various strategies.

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