Purnima gave new good news!


Purnima gave new good news!

From Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay to Manish Malhotra – Rohman has walked the Margar Sarani in dresses from the country’s top designers. This time he faces a new challenge. Sushmita Sen’s ex-boyfriend Rohman Shall entered the world of glamor nearly a decade ago. He made his debut in Bollywood.

He said: “After he became famous, acting offers started to come with modeling. But acting never appealed to me, so I turned down several offers. But over time, you have to change yourself. So now I want to focus on acting. I will only do the script that pulls me. As an actor, I have to learn a lot, but I speak fluently in front of the camera”. Rohman set foot in Mumbai in 2017. At that time he thought the game would not be made by him”.

He even auditioned for a movie. In the words of this supermodel, ‘I auditioned for a movie. I was selected for this film. I do not take the name of this film. But I was cut from this big budget movie after a month. It’s about to be released now after so many years. It was a big shock for me”.

So how has Rohman’s mind changed after so long? Sushmita’s ex-boyfriend said, “The story of this movie is very beautiful. Kashmir is linked to it. Here, I play the role of a Kashmiri. Talked a lot about Kashmir. It was a challenge for me. But it was fun. The name of the film is fixed. But I don’t want to say now. I will release it very soon on any OTT platform”.

Akhil Abrol is in charge of directing Rohman’s first film. Several parts of the film were shot in Bhaderwa, Jammu and Kashmir.

Rohman also has another project in the post-production phase. Name – “My father’s doctor”. This is a short film directed by Danish Reneju.

In the interview, Rohman accepted the offer to star in Kangana Ranaut’s “Lock-Up.” However, he doesn’t want to be part of the reality show just yet. He said that if his acting career wasn’t working out, he could focus on reality shows.

Source: Hindustan Times

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