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Puspa beauties are in trouble, heartbroken fans too, reason has come to the fore

Puspa beauties are in trouble, heartbroken fans too, reason has come to the fore

Rashmika Mandana and Samantha Ruth Prabhu from the southern film industry rose to fame to the world through the movie ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ released in 2021. Undoubtedly, the two are one of the most beautiful actresses. Their popularity with ordinary people is not less. But right now, part of the public is furious with these two southern beauties. Fans are also disappointed. On the one hand Rashmika will be boycotted, on the other hand legal proceedings have been initiated against Samantha.

Very recently on screen, Srivalli made her debut in the Bollywood industry with the movie “Goodbye”. However, it did not achieve much success with the public. However, Rashmika Mandana is embroiled in a controversy based on an interview. He told everyone the story of his coming to acting life in the interview. How exactly did he enter the industry! We heard him say it clearly. He said he got a call from a Kannada production house to star. He even took the name of the studio. He got a break in the industry due to the popular film “Kirik Party” of that time. Rakshit Shetty was seen opposite him in this movie. who was the actress’ ex-boyfriend. However, along with fans down south, Kannada ‘Kantara’ film producer Rishabh Shetty was also angered by the actress’ comment. In this context, he stated that he did not want to work with the actress in the future. We even hear that the actress might be banned from Kannada film organizations in the future.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s star ‘Yashoda’ was released very recently. The film was released on the big screen on November 11. However, recently the actress has been embroiled in a huge controversy due to the source of this film. Involved in legal affairs. Since the release of the trailer, the craze for the film has not ceased. However, recently a defamation suit was filed against the actress by a hospital authority in Hyderabad. According to them, the film distorts the activities of the hospital. Pictured, the actress is admitted to an EVA surrogacy clinic in Hyderabad. And there an incident appeared on the basis of the film, where various information was provided about all the movements of the surrogacy procedure. And here is the problem. Because like the hospital authorities, all the issues are poorly analyzed in the film. As a result their hospitals are affected. Based on this, the Civil Court of Hyderabad ruled in favor of the hospital. In the verdict, the OTT release date of ‘Yashoda’ has been postponed to December 19. We can say that he is practicing this at the moment.

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