Rachna Tiwari takes the stage to the rhythm of ‘Banduk Chalegi’, viral video

Rachna Tiwari takes the stage to the rhythm of ‘Banduk Chalegi’, viral video

Harianvi song videos often go viral in the net world. You see a lot of people dancing to such songs. Rachna Tiwari is no less known to the public as a Harianvi dancer. He is one of the few popular dancers. Many people are waiting to see her dance on stage. It goes without saying that he made himself known to many people thanks to his talent as a dancer. Recently, a video of her dancing went viral on social media. It’s the video.

This dance video of Rachna Tiwari was shared 11 days ago on a YouTube channel named ‘Tashaan Harianvi’. As of now, this video of her dancing has reached over 82,000 people via social media. When he got on stage, it was hard to handle the crowd. In this recently viral video, Rachna Tiwari was seen rocking the stage to the tune of popular Dhamakedar song “Banduk Chalegi”. Of course, it is not necessary to mention it separately.

In this viral video from 11 days ago, Rachna Tiwari is seen in a moss-colored salwar kameez. It should be noted that he captured the hearts of all the audience present by dancing to the tune of popular song by Dhamakedar Harianvi “Banduk Chalegi”. Everyone present was thrilled to see her performance, it is clear from the viral video. Recently, since the video of this Rachna Tiwari dance went viral, it is coming back among Harianvi netizens and viewers.

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